Royds Manor Court Rolls 1682


The Court Rolls for the Manor of Royds Hall have been taken from handwritten transcriptions done in the late 19th/early 20th century and form part of the Preston Papers. These are in the Bradford Office of the West Yorkshire Archives under reference PP box 1/3 . The current whereabouts of the originals are unknown.

We have transcribed them as they were copied out. We do not understand the use of brackets but have included them in case we work it out! Remember this is transcript of a transcript , so treat the information with a bit of caution - but as the original is probably lost we think it is worth sharing these unique documents.


Roydshall cum membris.  
Curia baron Georgii Rookes armigeri tent ibm tricessimo dei junii anno regni dom ----- Caroli sedi  -  die gra angl scotia franciae et hibin Regis fidie defensor etc  tricessimo quarto annoque Domini 1682 Coram Johanne Sagar Seneschallo itm sectatores Liberi Tenntes

Thomas Armitage, Barrt. Hered
Henrici Blundell, gent,
Willis Wood,
Robtus Arthington,
Ricus Thorp gen,
Mattheus Widdopp,
Johis Smith,
Robtus Ledgard jure uxis 
Johes Brookesbanke,
Willus Pollard sen,
Daniel Ramsden,
Robtus Liversedge,
Thomas Booth,
Willus Ramsden,
Johes ---
Thomas Waddington,
Thomas Walker hered
Willmi Richardson, gen,
Georgius Richardson,
Willus Pollard de Bierley,
Abrahamus Swayne gen,
Josephus Smith jure uxis
Johes Sharp,
Samuel Copley,
Jacobus Sharp hered
Chroferi Casson,
Johes Pollard et Edward Threapland,

Tennts p indentur et ad volunt dom
Johes Hanson,
Johes Margerison,
Johes Ellis,
Johes Lister,
Johes Drake,
Johes Longbottom,
Lucas Blaymires,
Robtus Brooke,
uxor Pighells,
Johes Robinson,
Willus Rodes,
Margaretta Copley vid,
Jacobus Threapland,
Ricus Whitley,
Johes Longbottom,
Johes Tordoff,
Johes Bairstow,
Johes Sharp, sen jure uxis,
Symson Darwant,
Johes Sagar,
Samuel Garnett,
Humfrid Stead,
Abrahamus Pighells,
Edrus Waddington,
Abrahamus Barraclough,
Jonas Barraclough,
Josephus Threapland,
Jonas Blaymires,
Robtus Booth,
Willus Blaymiers,
Thomas Walker,
Michael Gargreave,
Johes Wright,
uxor Wood,
Robus Robinson,
Samuel Littlewood,
Jeremius Holdsworth de Revey,
Isaacus Longbottom,
Matheus Oates,
Jeremius Holdsworth de Course,
Jonas Thomas,
Josephus Blaymiers,
Ricus Thorp gen,
Willus Croft,
Edrus Kellett,
Willus Pollard jun,
Abrahamus Barraclough,
Jonas Blaymires,
Willus Ramsden per Daynebottom,
Josephus Longbottom de le Moore,
Johes Hodgson,
Thomas Bower et Jonas Jowett,
Noia Jurat:
Willus Pollard
Mattheus Widdopp,
Robtus Booth,
Jacobus Sharp,
Robtus Liversedge,
Johes Hanson,
Samuel Copley,
Jacobus Threapland,
Daniel Ramsden,
Johes Sharp,
Samuel Littlewood,
Franciscus Ramsbottom

There follows a section in Latin – which we have not transcribed here

That no person pull to the Commons of this Mannor any scabbed horse or maire or any unlawfull stoned horse upon payne to forfeit for every such offence  xs.
That no person of this manor dig and carrie away any more turves of the commons of this mannor then they have severallie granted to them upon paine that every person forfeit for every such offence
That no person dig & sell turves out of this mannor upon payne to forfeit for every twenty turves
That no person dig any turves on that part of Wibsey Slack which lyeth on the south side of the way leading from mannerlic lane to Wibsey upon payne to forfeit for everie such offence.
That what person soever as digs any stones on the wasts of this mannor do forthwith fill upp the holes wherein the same stones were digged upon payne that every person for everie shuch offence forfeit

That no person pull or turne to the commons of this mannor any more beasts horses or other cattle than his or ?  are sufficient to maintaine all winter season upon payne to forfeit for every such offence .