Wyke Township Records:: Dairy Farms

We have omitted columns where the entry was the same for each farm. So all the farms were in the Township of Wyke; all manure was disposed of into the land; at each farm every precaution had been taken with the protection of milk and vessels; no drain discharged into a water closet; All farms were cleaned daily except the one belonging to Alfred Collins which is marked 'Bad'
The column now headed Cons, originally said 'Whether Dairy of Cowshade construction', We have used the following abbreviations. S – stone, SNB – stone new build, SCS – stone cow shed, CS – cow shed, CSW – cow shed wood
The column headed 'No.' originally said 'Number of cows'.
The column headed 'CAS' originally said 'Cubic Air Space'
The Date column originally said “Date inspection passed” on one page and 'Date whitewashed' on the next

This inspection was probably carried out according to the 1878 Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act that then covered a Dairies, Cowsheds and Milkshops Order of 1879

Name Reg Occupier Postal Address Cons No. Lighting Ventilation CAS Water Supply Date Owner Postal address
William Armatage Wyke Farm S 6 Good Good 456 Town Oct 1885 Sir Matt Wilson Ashton Hall, Skipton
Gathorne Barraclough High Fearnley SNB 8 Good Good 3240 Spring   Low Moor Company Low Moor Company, Bradford
Jonas Barraclough Lower Wyke SCS 5 Good Good 2646 Town June 1885 WS ykes Ardsley, Wakefield
Richard Birkby Clay Hall Farm SCS 7 Good Good 3402 Town July 1885 Low Moor Company Low Moor Company, Bradford
Thos Brook Carr House Gate CSW 9 Good Good 5357 Town June 1885 S Bentley Seed Fold, Low Moor, Bradford
Benj Bartle Tofts Farm SCS 12 Good Good 5820 Town July 1885 Benj Bartle Tofts Farm, Wyke, Bradford
Simon Briggs Worthing Head CS 13 Good Good 4576 Town July 1885 Jas Kitchen Otley Road, Bradford
Simon Briggs Wroe Farm CS 4 Good Good 2340 Spring Oct 1885 Low Moor Company Low Moor Company, Bradford
John Briggs Wyke Common CS 5 Good Good 1428 Spring June 1885 Thos Jackson Otley Road, Bradford
John Briggs Knowle Farm CS 6 Good Good 1322 Well Sept 1885 Low Moor Company Low Moor Company, Bradford
James Briggs Corn Mill CS 5 Good Good 1944 Town Sept 1885 Samson Breaks Wyke Hall, Wyke, Bradford
John Brear Towngate CS 6 Moderate Good 1925 Town June 1885 John Brear Towngate, Wyke, Bradford
James Brown Green Farm CS 9 Good Good 3927 Spring Nov 1885 Rev Wm Wawn Coley Vicarage, Halifax
Mary Holdsworth - Collins Lower Wyke CS 2 Good Good 1440 Spring 1885 Mr Jackson George Street, Halifax
Alfred Collins Wyke Common CS 2 Bad None 576 Town Nov 1885 Rebecca Butterworth Oakenshaw, Bradford
Susannah Fearnley Wyke Farm CS 9 Good Good 4918 Town May 1885 Sir Matt Wilson Ashton Hall, Skipton
William Fairburn Towngate CS 6 Bad Good 3696 Town July 1885 Samy? Fairburn Wyke, Bradford
Thomas Gomersall Lower Wyke CS 3 Good Good 4032 Town Oct 1885 John Whitteron Low Moor, Bradford
Joseph Hodgson Brick House CS 8 None Bad 2912 Well Oct 1885 Albert Sellers Wyke West House, Wyke, Bradford
Joseph Hanson Lower Wyke CS 4 One Window Good 1728 Town Sept 1885   Pudsey, Leeds
Rufus Hanson New Road CS 6 Good Good 3240 Well Nov 1885 Low Moor Company Low Moor Company, Bradford
Edwin Hanson Robin Hood Inn CS 3 Good Good 1632 Town and Well July 1885 Major Stocks Shibden, Halifax
Joseph Hanson Cow Close SCS 2 Good Good 1547 Well and Rain Sept 1885 Lewis Ellis Norwood Green, Halifax
Dan Hodgson Lower Wyke CS 15 Good Good 9704 Town and Stream Nov 1885 Sam Drake Roberts Cleckheaton, Cleckheaton
Ann Hodgson Lower Wyke CS 4 Good Good 4960 Town June 1885 W S Barber George Street, Halifax
Samuel Kellett Wyke Common CS 2 Good Good 2394 Town June 1885 Samuel Kellett Wyke Common, Wyke, Bradford
John Marsden Post Master CS 2 Over Door Only Moderate 1456 Town Oct 1885 John Marsden Post Master, Wyke, Bradford
Edward North Lower Wyke CS 3 One Window Good 1872 Pump Oct 1885 Fleming and Briggs Northgate, Halifax
Leonard Seed Carr House Gate CS 8 Roof From Door 2592 Town June 1885 Benjamin Seed Rawden, Leeds
John Wm Sugden Wyke Bottoms CS 4 Good Good 2880 Rain Oct 1885 Sir Matt Wilson Ashton Hall, Skipton
James Sharp Woodroyd CS 6 Good Good 4624 Town Sept 1885 James Sharp Woodroyd, Low Moor, Bradford
Susy Wood Wyke Farm CS 7 Good Good 4032 Pump and Town May 1885 Sir Matt Wilson Ashton Hall, Skipton