Oxley Place Methodist, Low Moor

Oxley Methodist

Oxley Place in Hill Top, Low Moor stood on School Street, approximately where the 'Drop Kick' car park is now. It was built in 1844 as a branch Sunday School for Wesley Place, which was some distance away down Cleckheaton Road.  It was enlarged in 1847 and completely re-built in 1859. Wesley Place was a Wesleyan Methodist Church and it probably built Oxley Place Sunday School at Hill Top as a rival to that of the Primitive Methodists, or 'Ranters', who had split from the main Methodist body some years before. In 1932 the Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist Churches were part of the union which became the Methodist Church.  So Low Moor had two Methodist churches – one at School Street and another at Wesley Place with a Sunday School at Oxley Place.
 In 1947 the frontage of the ex-Primitives building collapsed so Wesley Place Church offered its Sunday School premises at Oxley Place for their use.  From this time onwards the society was known as Oxley Place Methodist Church.  In 1970 Oxley Place and Wesley Place Methodist Churches came together as Aldersgate Methodist Church in the Oxley Place premises.  They later built a new church in 1974 on Common Road near the Guidepost and Oxley Place was demolished in 1975.

The same Baptism Register was in use from 1842 to 1996 and used by School Street Primitives, School Street Methodist Church, Oxley Place Methodist Church and Aldersgate Methodist Church. This is available at West Yorkshire Archives as reference 3D98 under the reference Oxley Place.
There was no graveyard at Oxley Place.