North Bierley Municipal Cemetery, section K


North Bierley Cemetery, section K


Abbreviations used
H.S. Headstone
I.L.M. In Loving Memory
I.M. In Memory
T.M Treasured Memory
T.Ms Treasured memories
T.T.M. To the Memory
Stone Surname Type Inscription
480 ACKROYD HS + Surr see K 480 ODDY
362 AIRTON H/S + Surr ILM of RALPH AIRTON, died Jan ?9th 1933 aged 52 years. Also ETHEL MAUD wife of the above, died Dec 5th 1949, aged 67 years.
164 ATACK H/S + surr TTDM of HARRIET ELLEN, beloved wife of GEORGE ATACK, died July 19th 1934, aged 56 years.
401 ATTERBURY H/S + draped vase see K 401 CARTWRIGHT
714 BARRACLOUGH HS + Surr ILM of ANNIE, the dearly loved wife of ALFRED BARRACLOUGH, who died Dec. 2nd 1943, aged 71 years. Also of the above ALFRED who died Oct 11th 1952, aged 81 years. Also CHARLIE, son of the above and dearly loved husband of LOUISA BARRACLOUGH, who died May 29th 1954 aged 55 years. Also FLORIE, dearly loved wife of JOSEPH WOOD, daughter of ALFRED and ANNIE BARRACLOUGH, and sister of CHARLIE, who died Nov 9th 1960, aged 67 years. Also MAURICE BARRACLOUGH the dearly loved husband of HELEN, died June 9th 1981 aged 74 years. Also JOSEPH WOOD who died Oct. 15th 1958, aged 79 years.
242 BARTLE Cross + Surr see K 242 DICKINSON
838 BEANLAND H/S + Surr "Resting" ILM of EMILY, beloved wife of JOHN BINNS BEANLAND, died Sep. 29th 1929 aged 67 years. Also of their son, ALBERT EDWARD, killed in action 1917, aged 22 years. Also of the above JOHN BINNS BEANLAND, died Dec 26th 1940 in his 80th year. Also ADA, dear wife of PERCY BEANLAND died Dec 15th 1961 aged 66 years. Ashes interred at Scholemoor. Also PERCY BEANLAND, died Sep. 11th 1973, aged 77 years.
674 BOLTON HS + Surr ILM of HALEY BOLTON died Feb 14th 1930, aged 59 years. Also ALICE, beloved wife of the above, died Jan 5th 1947 aged 76 years. Also VINEY, dearly loved wife of THOMAS BOLTON, died Oct 27th 1975, aged 75 years. Also THOMAS, dearly loved husband of VINEY BOLTON, died March 23rd 1974 aged 73 years.
636 BROOK HS + Surr ILM of FRED BROOK, who died February 6th 1930, aged 58 years. Also EMMA LOUISE his wife who died May 14th 1930 aged 60 years. "Dearly loved". Also HERBERT the dear son-in-law of the above and beloved husband of MAY LIGHTOWLER, who died April 13th 1942. aged 46 years. Also the above MAY LIGHTOWLER, who died Oct 10th 1942, aged 48 years. "Re-united".
124 BYWATER H/S + surr TTDM of ALICE the beloved wife of SAMUEL BYWATER who died Aug. 22nd 1943 aged 83 years. Also the above SAMUEL BYWATER who died Oct 24th 1953 aged 94 years.
401 CARTWRIGHT H/S + draped vase ILM. of TOM CARTWRIGHT born May 1st 1866, died March 12th 1931. Also MARTHA, beloved wife of the above, born March 29th 1865, died April 2nd 1956. WALTER, beloved husband of MIRANDA ATTERBURY, born June 19th 1887, died Sept 1st 1962. Also MIRANDA beloved wife of the above died October 29th 1971 aged 82 years. LAURENCE, beloved husband of EDITH CARTWRIGHT, born June 5th 1887, died April 30th 1956.
121 CLAYTON Cross + Surr IELM of JAMES the DLH of ANNIE CLAYTON of Brentwood Odsal, who died June 11th 1932, in his 70th year. "Oh for the touch of a vanished hand and the sound of a voice that is still." Also the above ANNIE CLAYTON who died March 1st 1936, in her 71st year. "Re-united".
202 COLLINS H/S + surr TTDM of SARAH, beloved wife of GENT COLLINS died May 23rd 1934. And the above GENT COLLINS died Sept 13th 1960
123 COULTON H/S + surr see K123 RICHARDSON
41 CRAGG H/S + surr IELM of ALFRED, the dearly loved husband of AGNES AMELIA CRAGG, died March 15th 1935 aged 73 years. "At Rest". Also the above AGNES AMELIA, died May 4th 1944, aged 78 years.
84 DARVILL H/S + surr TTDM of THEOPHILUS HARRY, TDLH of EDITH DARVILL, died May 6th 1935 aged 52 years. Also EDITH, a DL mother and wife of the above, died August 18th 1949, aged 66 years. "Loves greatest gift, Remembrance". "Mother and Dad".
83 DEAN Cross + Surr ILM of HANNAH wife of SAMUEL EDWARD DEAN who died 25th Oct 1932, aged 74 years. Also SAMUEL EDWARD, husband of the above died March 2nd 1938, aged 83 years. Also of ANNIE, daughter of the aforenamed, who died Oct 3rd 1951, aged 72 years. Also of JANE, daughter of the aforenamed, who died Feb 18th 1952, aged 64 years.
242 DICKINSON Cross + Surr ILM of FRED DICKINSON, entered into rest June 16th 1933, aged 51 years. Also ANN ELLEN DICKINSON, who passed away March 31st 1936, aged 77 years. Also ALFRED DICKINSON, who passed away March 4th 1945, aged 86 years. Also MARY EMMA DICKINSON, daughter 1878 - 1962. Also HERBERT TORDOFF BARTLE, son-in-law, 1880-1958. Also ALICE wife of the above, 1880-1974. Also MARY CONSTANCE BARTLE, daughter of the above 1911-2006. Also EMILY DICKINSON, daughter in law, 1886-1959. also ARTHUR, husband of the above 1888-1965.
324 DINSDALE H/S + Surr see K334 STOTHART
321 DOBSON H/S only IM of SHEILA MARGARET DOBSON, much loved wife, mother and grandmother called home 19th April 2004 following a mission to Africa. "Forever with the Lord".
324 DOBSON H/S + Surr see K334 STOTHART
440 FIRTH H/S + Surr ILM o f ANNIE, the beloved wife of RICHARD FIRTH, who died Sep. 22nd 1931, aged 65 years. Also the above RICHARD FIRTH, who died Nov. 24th 1937 aged 73 years. Also ROSE HANNAH, daughter of the above, who died Nov. 9th 1961, aged 67 years. "In Loving Memory". Also MAUD EVELYN, daughter of the above who died June 18th 1965, aged 77 years.
122 GRACE H/S + surr ILM of EDITH, beloved wife of ARTHUR EDWARD GRACE, died March 26th 1935 aged 48 years. Also of the above ARTHUR EDWARD GRACE, died October 15th 1942, aged 63 years. Also of their daughter MARIE ELIZABETH, died November 8th 1939 aged 23 years.
203 GRACE H/S + surr ILM of a very dear wife and mother JOAN MARGARET GRACE died 30th April 1994 aged 64 years. CLIFFORD ARTHUR GRACE a caring and dearly loved husband loving dad and grandad died 3rd March 2007, aged 96 years.
517 GREENWOOD HS + Surr ILM of MARY ANN, eldest daughter of the late HENRY GREENWOOD, of Little Horton, died Sep 17th 1932 in her 72nd year. Also of ELIZABETH L, wife of GEORGE NEWELL of Little Horton, died May 13th 1938, aged 72 years. Also of the above named GEORGE NEWELL, died Nov 10th 1938, aged 74 years. "Resting"
400 HARDY H/S + Surr IM of SARAH MARIA beloved wife of ALFRED HARDY died July 16th 1932 in her 70th year. Also of the above named ALFRED HARDY, died Feb 22nd 1940 in his 82nd year. Also of HAROLD, son of the above and dearly loved husband of MARY E.H. HARDY who died November 10th 1954 in his 70th year. "At Rest"
478 HEMP Surround Treasured Memories of our darling JOYCE MIRIAM HEMP aged 8? years. Also ALBERT dearly loved husband of MAY HEMP who died Sep. 14th 1963 aged 72 years. Also MIRIAM LEWIS HEMP, widow of EDWARD JOHN HEMP died Feb 21st 1945, aged 81 years. Also EDWARD JOHN HEMP who died April 18th 1940 aged 76 years. Also MAY, dear wife of ALBERT died March 7th 1987 aged 94 years. "Re united"
323 HILL H/S + Surr see K323 KNOWLES
836 HORSLEY HS IELM of our dear parents FRED HORSLEY died 21st May 1949 aged 54. BERTHA HORSLEY died 20th January 1970 aged 72. "Gone but not Forgotten". THOMAS MARSHALL died 1942 aged 74. EMILY MARSHALL died 1942 aged 74. MARTHA STANDIDGE died 1928 aged 41.
1 JONES H/S + surr TMO PHYLLIS D L wife of HAROLD JONES died Nov 10th 1935 aged 30. Also the above named HAROLD, D L husband of HILDA JONES, died July 27th 1971, aged 67 years. Also HILDA JONES, died August 21st 2006, D L W of the above HAROLD. "Sleeping"
244 KERSHAW H/S + surr ILM of JAMES H KERSHAW, who died March 18th 1933 aged 63 Years. Also MARTHA, wife of the above, who died Feb 28th 1951 aged 81 years. Also of JOHN W OUTHWAITE, son in law who died September 20th 1947, aged 45 years. Also of WRIGHT, son of JAMES and MARTHA KERSHAW, who died Jan 29th 1963, aged 69 years. Also EDITH beloved wife of WRIGHT, died May 13th 1972, aged 76 years. Also of MARY E OUTHWAITE, daughter died May 19th 1968, aged 69 years. Also FLORENCE, wife of ALBERT, died Sept. 6th 1976 aged 76. Also of ALBERT KERSHAW, son, died Dec. 2nd 1971, aaged 70 years.
323 KNOWLES H/S + Surr ILM of THOMAS FREDERICK KNOWLES, who died Jan 20th 1940, in his 77th year. Also LILIAN beloved wife of FRED HILL, who died March 25th 1952, aged 60 years. Also of EMILYETTA, beloved wife of the above THOMAS FREDERICK KNOWLES, who died June 30th 1956, aged 94 years. Also FRED, beloved husband of the above LILIAN HILL, who died Sept 13th 1958 aged 62 years. Also of MARY, dearly loved sister of LILIAN and GEORGE, who fell asleep Dec 20th 1993 aged 93 years. Also of GLADYS EVELINE MARY, dearly loved wife of GEORGE, who fell asleep March 13th 1978 aged 78 years. "A devoted wife and mother". Also of GEORGE, dearly loved husband of GLADYS who fell asleep February 6th 1966 aged 69 years. "A devoted husband and father."
636 LIGHTOWLER HS + Surr see K 636
43 LUMB H/S + surr ILM of ELIZA JANE TBW of DAVID LUMB who died October 24th 1934 aged 78 years. Also the above named DAVID LUMB who died october 1st 1940 aged 84 years. Also MARY ALICE SIMPSON beloved daughter of the above who died February 21st 1942, aged 58 years. Also ETHEL, their daughter who died June 5th 1959, aged 61 years. Also JOHN WILLIAM, their son who died Sep. 24th 1961, aged 79 years. "Re-United". Also FRANK, beloved son of the above died March 28th 1901 aged 11 years. Also FRED, beloved son of the above died Feb 10th 1907, aged 19 years.
441 LUMB H/S + Surr see K441 PRIESTLEY
81 MARCHANT H/S + surr I L M of ALICE ANN beloved wife of THOMAS MARCHANT died October 1st 1934, aged 67 years. Also the above named THOMAS MARCHANT, died September 18th 1950, aged 84 years.
363 MARSH Cross + Surr ILM of ADA, the beloved wife of ALBERT MARSH, of Low Moor who died Nov 26th 1931, aged 38 years. Also the above ALBERT MARSH, died June 26th 1967 aged 73 years. "In Thy Gracious Keeping".
162 MITCHELL   ILM OF EMILY, beloved wife of JAMES MITCHELL, who died Sep. 17th 1934, in her 71st year. Also ALBERT their son, killed in France March 26th 1918 in his 19th year. Also the above JAMES MITCHELL, died Oct 17th 1946 in his 81st year. Also WILLIAM HENRY, son of the above and dearly loved husband of ANNIE MITCHELL, died June 3rd 1961 in his 73rd year. "At Rest". Also EDITH, beloved wife of FRANK MITCHELL, died March 4th 1978 aged 85 years. Also the above named FRANK MITCHELL, died Nov 20th 1980 aged 87 years. Also ANNIE MITCHELL, beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY, died Sept 12th 1987 aged 97 years.
558 MITCHELL HS + Surr see K 558 WILSON
844 NEWBY H/S only ILM of ARTHUR NEWBY of Low Moor, died March 4th 1929, aged 55 years. Also HILDA, beloved wife of G. STANLEY SEED and daughter of the above, died Feb. 5th 1952, aged 52 years.
517 NEWELL HS + Surr see K 517 GREENWOOD
480 ODDY HS + Surr ILM of ABRAHAM ODDY, who died March 6th 1931, aged 66 years. Also ANNIE, beloved wife of the above, who died Nov. 12th 1943, aged 78 years. Also GEORGE BARRET ODDY beloved son of the above, who died Aug. 30th 1944, aged 57 years. Also MARGARET ANN, beloved wife of NORMAN ODDY who died Jan 21st 1970, aged 82 years. Also RONALD ACKROYD, who died May 2nd 1984 aged 57 years. son of the late LILY ACKROYD.
322 PEARSON H/S + Surr In loving and grateful memory of SELINA PEARSON, who went to sleep Feb 25th 1933, aged 59 years. And of WALTER PEARSON, who passed away May 19th 1935, aged 63 years.
441 PRIESTLEY H/S + Surr IELM of SALLY, the dearly loved wife of FRED PRIESTLEY who died Sep. 29th 1930, aged 58 years. Also the above named FRED PRIESTLEY who died July 28th 1936, aged 68 years. "Gone but not Forgotten." Also GLADYS MAY beloved wife of EDGAR LUMB, and daughter of the afore named died May 22nd 1950, aged 52 years. Also EDGAR, husband of GLADYS LUMB, died April 3rd 1955, aged 57 years.
712 PRIESTLEY Cross "IHS" ILM of JOHN EDWARD PRIESTLEY, of Low Moor who died May 8th 1930, aged 72 years. "At Rest" Also of MARY ELIZABETH, wife of the above, who died Feb 18th 1932 aged 67 years. "Dearly Loved."
123 RICHARDSON H/S + surr ILM of JANE RICHARDSON, died July 17th 1941 aged 82 years. Also THOMAS RICHARDSON died March 15th 1931, aged 66 years. Also HANNAH WILLANS, died June 28th 1937, aged 66 years. Also JOHN WILLIAM COULTON died April 18th 1936, aged 65 years. Also FLORENCE, beloved wife of the above died Feb 15th 1952, aged 83 years.
844 SEED H/S only see K 844 NEWBY
43 SIMPSON H/S + surr See K43 LUMB
596 SMITH Cross ILM of LUCY, the beloved wife of OLIVER SMITH, who died May 30th 1930, aged 65 years. "At Rest" Also the above OLIVER SMITH who died May 2nd 1945, aged 82 years.
3 SPENCER H/S + surr TTDM of HARRY SPENCER who died September 26th 1935 aged 67 years. Also of HANNAH, wife of the above who died July 6th 1955 aged 87 years.
324 STOTHART H/S + Surr IELM of THOMAS ALBERT, son of CHARLES WILLIAM & ELIZABETH ANN STOTHART who died February 14th 1933, aged 26 years. Also the above CHARLES WILLIAM, who died April 3rd 1946, aged 80 years. Also the above ELIZABETH ANN, who died August 1st 1948, aged 84 years. "For ever with the Lord". Also ANNIE, daughter of the above, intered at Southampton, who died March 16th 1924 aged 27 years. Also AUDREY DINSDALE nee DOBSON, died December 17th 2006, aged 79 years. Intered nearby. Also ERNEST DOBSON, beloved husband of LUCY, who died December 11th 1977 aged 77 years (cremated). Also LUCY DOBSON, youngest daughter of the above who died Christmas Day 1985. aged 81 years. Also of LOUISA AGNES, beloved daughter of the above who died June 16th 1969, aged 74 years.
479 WHARF H/S + surr I L M of JOHN E.E. WHARF, who died Sep. 13th 1930, in his 49th year. Also FANNY, beloved wife of the above who died Jan 1st 1968 aged 87 years. Also of a dearly loved wife mother & grandma BERTHA WHARF, died July 28th 1972, aged 64 years. Also a beloved husband dad & grandad SAM WHARF, died Dec 14th 1981 aged 73 years. "Loves greatest Gift, Remembrance"
361 WHITE H/S + Surr ILM of ALICE WHITE, died 3rd March 1932, aged 58 years and CHARLES WHITE, died 3rd December 1948, aged 78 years.
284 WILKIINSON H/S + Surr ILM of a dear wife and mother, FLORENCE DARWIN WILKINSON, died May 3rd 1934, aged 65 years. Also of SETH WILKINSON husband of the above died May 28th 1954 aged 84 years. Also DORIS, daughter of the above, died March 2nd 1933 aged 35 years. Also THOMAS, son of the above died Feb 9th 1936, aged 33 years. Also EDITH ANNIE, beloved wife of THOMAS Wm PRIESTLEY died Oct 13th 1945, aged 50 years.
439 WILKINSON H/S + Surr ILM. Of FRED WILKINSON, died March 3rd 1931, aged 74 years. Also SARAH JANE beloved wife of the above died June 4th 1939 aged 78 years. Also SARAH ELLEN, daughter in law of the above died August 15th 1945, aged 56 years.
123 WILLANS H/S + surr see K123 RICHARDSON
558 WILSON HS + Surr Sacred to the memory of GAYTHORNE, the beloved husband of CLARA N WILSON, died June 9th 1930, aged 58 years. Also the above named CLARA NOVELLO WILSON, died March 30th 1938, aged 63 years. "Into the sunshine of God's perfect day." Also ARTHUR E MITCHELL, beloved husband of ELSIE L MITCHELL, died August 1st 1956, aged 59 years.
634 WILSON HS + Surr ILM of RiCHARD WILSON of Low Moor died Feb 16th 1930, aged 60 years. Also SARAH JANE, beloved wife of the above died Feb 5th 1931, aged 62 years. "I go to prepare a place for you." John. 14: 2.
714 WOOD HS + Surr see K 714 BARRACLOUGH
204 WOODHEAD Cross + Surr TTDM of LESLIE, beloved son of IRVINE CLOUGH & LUCRETIA WOODHEAD, died 13th May 1934 aged 29 years. Also of the above named IRVINE CLOUGH WOODHEAD died April 25th 1937 in his 69th year. Also of the above LUCRETIA WOODHEAD, died 24th Nov 1943 aged 67 years. Also of DOROTHY their beloved daughter died Oct. 29th 1975 aged 63 years.



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