North Bierley Municipal Cemetery, section J


North Bierley Cemetery, section J


Abbreviations used
H.S. Headstone
I.L.M. In Loving Memory
I.M. In Memory
T.M Treasured Memory
T.Ms Treasured memories
T.T.M. To the Memory
Stone Surname Type Inscription
208 BOOTH H/S + Surr. ILM. Of WILLIAM BOOTH, died Dec. 27th 1941, aged 55 years. Also of LILIAN, beloved wife of the above, died May 4th 1951, aged 61 years.
376 BAINBRIDGE H/S + Surr. ILM. Of JOHN, beloved husband of MARY A. BAINBRIDGE, who died Oct. 9th 1944, aged 60 years. Also of MARY ANN, beloved wife of the above who died August 10th 1961, aged 63 years. "Into God's Sunshine".
577 BAKER H/S + Surr ILM. Of HENRY BAKER, dearly loved husband of AGNES CRANSWICK, died August 28th 1945, aged 71 years. Also of AGNES CRANSWICK, died February 23rd 1955, aged 83 years.
455 BARR Headstone ILM. Of DONALD JOSEPH BARR beloved husband of AUDREY and a dear father and grandfather. 13.4.1920 - 19.1.2006.
619 BARR H/S + Surr. ILM. Of JOSEPH BARR, who died Nov. 28th 1945, aged 54 years. Also JOAN MARY, beloved daughter, who died March 9th 1969, aged 40 years. AlsO CARRIE BARR, a dear wife and mother who died Feb. 5th 1986, aged 97 years. Also ROBERT GREENOUGH beloved son who died Sept. 19th 1996, aged 78 years. Also CONSTANCE RANKIN BARR beloved wife of ROBERT, who died Aug. 31st 2009, aged 89 years.
89 BARRACLOUGH H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of SETH, dearly loved husband of BLANCHE BARRACLOUGH, died August 20th 1940, aged 55 years. "Resting." Also SARAH ANN HORSFALL, sister in law of the above, died June 4th 1951, aged 60 years. Also ANNIE, beloved wife of HARRY THORNTON, died May 15th 1954, aged 66 years.
375 BARRACLOUGH Celtic Cross + Surr. ILM. Of SHEPHERD BARRACLOUGH, who died Oct 12th 1948, aged 83 years. Also MARY HANNAH, wife of the above, who died Feb. 4th 1951, aged 86 years. "Rest in Peace." Also their dear son EDDIE BARRACLOUGH, who died in France Oct. 4th 1918, aged 25 years.
698 BARRACLOUGH H/S only Treasured memories of a dear husband and father HERBERT BARRACLOUGH, died Jan 1st 1947, aged 48 years. Also EVELYN, a dear wife and mother, died Sept. 1st 1982, aged 86 years.
no plot no BASTIAN H/S only IM. Of JAMES BASTIAN 14.5.24 - 24.7.99
126 BOWER Cross + Surr. ILM. Of DOUGLAS ALFRED BOWER, who died Sep. 20th 1941, aged 22 years. "Worthy of Everlasting love." Also of WILLIAM BOWER, father of the above, who died Dec. 6th 1943, aged 51 Years. Also of ISABELLA BOWER, who died July 17th 1982, aged 87 years.
253 BROADLEY H/S + Surr. Treasured memories of our dear parents ANNIE BROADLEY, died May 10th 1942, aged 62 years. And JAMES BROADLEY, died Nov. 10th 1960, aged 87 years.
334 BROADLEY H/S + Surr. ILM. Of MARY ANN BROADLEY who departed this life June 6th 1944, aged 75. Dearly loved and ever in our thoughts.
495 BROOKE H/S only Precious Memories of ERIC LAURENCE BROOKE 2nd March 1907 - 10th Dec. 1986 and MABEL BROOKE (nee JOWETT) 24th Oct. 1911 - 29th May 1993. Loving parents and grandparents.
621 CAWTHRA H/S + Surr. ILM. Of ANNIE CAWTHRA, died Dec. 13th 1956, aged 63 years. Also HUBERT, dearly loved husband of PHYLLIS CAWTHRA, died May 13th 1960, aged 62 years. Also PHYLLIS, beloved wife of HUBERT, died April 28th 1978 aged 72 years.HARRY CAWTHRA, beloved husband of MARY JANE CAWTHRA, died Dec. 25th 1945, aged 75 years. MARY JANE CAWTHRA, beloved wife of HARRY CAWTHRA, died July 28th 1949, aged 80 years.
456 CLAPHAM H/S + Surr ILM. Of a dear mother and grandmother MINNIE CLAPHAM, died Feb. 22nd 1945, aged 63 years.
414 COLLINS H/S + Surr. ILM. Of a dear wife and mother NAOMI COLLINS, died Oct 14th 1944 aged 73 years. Also of a dear father HARRY COLLINS beloved husband of the above, died Oct. 20th 1948 aged 75 years. "Reunited." Also ROSINA, dear wife of ALBERT SCOTT died Sep. 1st 1976, aged 79 years. "My Faith looks up to Thee." Also ALBERT SCOTT, their son-in-law, died March 17th 1971 aged 74 years.
496 CUNDY H/S + Surr see J 496 WOODCOCK.
88 DALE Surr only. ILM. Of SARAH ELIZABETH , beloved wife of GEORGE DALE, died Feb. 13th 1941, aged 58 years.
457 DAWSON H/S only ILM. Of ANDREW KEITH DAWSON beloved husband of KIMBERLEY born 14th May 1954 Bradford Yorkshire died 24th October 1995 Arlington Virginia U.S.A. "Only good night sweetheart not farewell".
497 DAWSON H/S only ILM. Of WINIFRED ALICE DAWSON called home 11th April 1992 aged 68 years. And her dearly loved husband JAMES KENNETH DAWSON called home 14th November 1992 aged 71 years. "Absent from the body and present with the Lord."
580 DAWSON Surr only. Treasured Memories. ANN ELIZABETH DAWSON, a dear wife and mother, died March 26th 1954, aged 80 years. Also of a dear husband and father, ARTHUR DAWSON, died April 9th 1964, aged 90 years.
332 DAY H/S + Surr. see J 332 SYKES
128 DUNNING fallen H/S + Surr. ILM. Of MARGARET, beloved wife of JOHN R. DUNNING, Park House, Low Moor, died Sep. 22nd. 1941 Aged 80 years. Also the above named JOHN ROBERT DUNNING, died August 17th 1947, aged 88 years. Also CONSTANCE MARY daughter of the above, died May 6th 1974, aged 84 years.Also of a dear wife and mother, IDA ELSIE MARY DUNNING, died Oct. 26th 1943, aged 55 years. Also of a dear husband and father MARK DUNNING died Dec 24 1964 aged 77 years.
47 FIRTH Flat stone + Surr. "At Rest" CLARA FIRTH died Jan. 10th 1939 aged 63 years. ANNIE E PRIESTLEY sister of the above, died March 17th 1956, aged 87 years. JESSE W. PRIESTLEY daughter of ANNIE died April 14th 1955 aged 47 years. Also her two brothers JOE and WILLIE PRIESTLEY, died overseas 1914 - 1918 war. Remembered by their youngest cousin, HERMAN L. FIRTH, who passed on June 23rd 1972, aged 64 years. "At Rest". "CLARA"
no plot no FOUNTAIN Surr. Only, H/S missing FOUNTAIN ILM. Of a dear mother and father.
658 GREENOUGH H/S only In memory of a loving wife and mother EMILY, beloved wife of WALTER GREENOUGH, died 10th November 1946, aged 53 years. "Ever Remembered". Also of the above named WALTER GREENOUGH. Died August 30th 1957, aged 66 years.
4 HALL H/S. Treasured Memories of a dearly loved husband and father, CHARLES HALL, died Nov. 25th 1952, aged 60 years. Also EDITH, dearly loved wife of the above, died April 19th 1973, aged 79 years. "Till we meet again."
332 HENSHALL H/S + Surr. see J 332 SYKES
374 HILL H/S + Surr. Damaged ILM WILLIAM, beloved husband of AMY ETHEL HILL, died 17th March 1954 in his 72nd year. Also KEITH MICHAEL Grandson, died 17th Sep. 1944, aged 10. "Eternal Rest give to them O Lord."
581 HILLAM H/S + Surr. ILM. Of LAWRENCE, dearly loved husband of ANNIE E. HILLAM, died Nov. 21st 1945 aged 55 years. Also of ANNIE ELIZABETH, dearly loved wife of the above, died Dec. 5th 1985, aged 93 years. Also of JOSEPH, beloved husband of ELSIE E. LONGTHORNE, died Jan. 13th 1949, aged 55 years. Also of the above named ELSIE, the dear wife of WILLIAM RAISTRICK LEEMING, died Feb. 26th 1952, aged 57 years. Also MAURICE HILLAM, son of the above, died June 15th 1992, aged 69 years. The dearly loved husband of DOROTHY.
331 HINCHCLIFFE H/S + Surr. see J 331 WILSON
230 HIRD Tomb ILM. Of a devoted husband and father WILLIAM FREDERICK HIRD, died Oct. 3rd 1942, in his 79th year. "Ever Remembered." ROBERT WOOD RIDDLE, dearly loved husband of MARY ALICE and son-in-law of the aforenamed, died July 31st. 1962 aged 86 years. MARY ALICE, dearly loved wife of ROBERT WOOD RIDDLE and daughter of the aforenamed died July 7th 1973, aged 87 years. Also of ANNIE ELIZABETH, beloved wife of the aforenamed died Jan. 17th 1952, aged 85 years. Also WILLIAM, dearly loved son of the aforenamed, died Sept. 19th 1985, aged 83 years. Also GEORGE WALTER, dearly loved husband of ALICE MARY HIRD and son of the aforenamed died Dec. 5th 1958, aged 70 years. Also ALICE MARY HIRD, beloved wife of the above died Dec. 31st 1969, aged 77 years.
170 HOLROYD Column + surr. Loving Memories of HENRY HOLROYD, Cardrona Baildon, died Christmas Day 1941 aged 69 years. And FRANCES MARY HOLROYD, his wife died October 21st 1960, aged 82 years.
1 HOOD Cross + Surr ILM. Of RICHARD CROWTHER HOOD of Albion House, Low Moor, who died Decr. 24th 1907, aged 53 years. Also MARTHA, beloved wife of the above, who died November 18th 1934, aged 78 years.
495 JOWETT H/S only see BROOKE J 495
no plot no. LARKIN H/S only see J (no plot no.) LISTER
581 LEEMING H/S + Surr. see J 581 HILLAM
no plot no. LISTER H/S only HARRY V. LISTER aged 41 years. BETTY P. MEARS daughter aged 36 years. JUDITH A. LARKIN grand daughter aged 19 years. FLORRIE LISTER wife aged 90 years.
581 LONGTHORNE H/S + Surr. see J 581 HILLAM
620 MARSHALL H/S + Surr. Treasured memories of ETHEL MARSHALL, died Oct. 14th 1946, aged 49 years. Also CHARLES W. MARSHALL, husband of the above, died Sept. 15th 1951, aged 56 years. Also COLIN, their son, missing Caen, 1944, aged 21 years.
46 MAWSON H/S + Surr. ILM. of DAVID, beloved husband of MARTHA MAWSON, died Oct. 31st 1939, aged 72 years. Also the above MARTHA MAWSON, died June 26th 1943, aged 66 years. "At Rest".
no plot no. MEARS H/S only see J (no plot no.) LISTER
292 MIDDLETON H/S + Surr. see J 292 WARBRICK
496 MOORE   Major ARTHUR BADEN MOORE, died December 13th 1967 aged 67 years. And his wife FRANCES EVELYN, who died on the 21 February 1987 aged 80 years.
537 MORRALL H/S only ILM. Of VERA MORRALL born 2nd March 1922 died 28th January 1992. A dear wife, a loving mum and grandma. Also THOMAS MORRAL born 23rd June 1916 died 13th March 2001. Devoted husband, dad and grandad. "Both forever with us."
45 MOULSON H/S + Surr. ILM. Of HAROLD MOULSON, who died February 19th 1938. Also JOHN HAROLD, infant grandson of the above. Also CLARA, wife of the above, who died November 17th 1954. Also of FRED MOULSON son of the above died 3rd October 1983, aged 75 years. A devoted husband father and grandfather "Sadly missed."
168 PARKINSON H/S + Surr. see J 168 RAYNER.
43 PATTINSON H/S + Surr. see J 43 SPEIGHT
47 PRIESTLEY Flat stone + Surr. see J 47 FIRTH
85 & 87 RAWNSLEY H/S + Surr. In ever loving memory of a dear wife and mother HARRIET ANN, beloved wife of ERNEST RAWNSLEY, who passed away Aug. 5th 1939, aged 63 years. Also the above ERNEST RAWNSLEY, died June 3rd 1956, aged 82 years. Also JOHN LESLIE STEPHENSON, beloved husband of HILDA, died Sept. 26th 1972, aged 76 years. Also the above HILDA MAY STEPHENSON, died March 3rd 1988, aged 88 years. "Love's last gift, Remembrance". "RAWNSLEY"
168 RAYNER H/S + Surr. In Sacred memory of JONAS RAYNER, died Nov. 5th 1941, aged 78 years. Also CLARA his dearly loved wife, died May 17th 1945, aged 81 years. Also HARRY PARKINSON, died Dec. 13th 1964, aged 70 years. And LILLIE PARKINSON his dear wife, died Nov. 3rd 1966, aged 75 years. "In God's keeping."
458 RHODES H/S + Surr ILM. Of a dear husband and father, SAMUEL RHODES, died February 26th 1945, aged 72 years. Also a dear mother, ELIZABETH ANN wife of the above, died February 17th 1948, aged 77 years.
230 RIDDLE Tomb see J 230 HIRD
372 ROBINSON H/S + Surr. ILM. Of EDWARD the dear husband of MARGARET ROBINSON, died July 30th 1944. Also of the above named MARGARET ROBINSON died March 12th 1954. "Re-united."
2 RUSHWORTH H/S+ Surr IR. Of GEORGE, dearly loved husband of MARIANNA RUSHWORTH, died Jan. 16th 1940 aged 73 years. "His life a treasured memory". Also the above named MARIANNA died May 16th 1945 aged 77 years. "Re-united." Also JOHN, beloved husband of IVY INGHAM and son in law of the above died March 27th 1948, aged 58 years. "At Rest".
252 SLATER H/S + Surr. ILM. Of WALTER SLATER died 14th Oct. 1948 aged 60 years. And his beloved wife ETHEL died 25th Oct. 1971 aged 85 years.
335 SLATER H/S + Surr. Treasured memories of FRANK SLATER died Nov 17 1943 aged 60 years. At Rest. Also MARY EMMA wife of the above died Jan 8 1966 aged 81 years.
43 SPEIGHT H/S + Surr. In memory of BEATRICE HANNAH SPEIGHT 1877 - 1959. Also IRVINE, husband of the above, died Feb. 10th 1967, aged 87. HANNAH SPEIGHT 1875 - 1936. And her husband ISAAC 1882 - 1956. also their great-niece, MARGARET died Oct. 28th 1936 aged 5 years. Also IDA, dearly beloved wife of HARKER PATTINSON, & loving mother of MARGARET, died May 28th 1976, aged 71 years. Also HARKER PATTINSON, a dearly loved husband died 29th March 1986, aged 83 years.
333 STEAD Surr. only ILM. Of JOANNA STEAD, died June 24th 1943. Also AI STEAD, her dear husband, died March 20th 1958. "H.W."
85 & 87 STEPHENSON H/S + Surr. see J 85 & 87 RAWNSLEY
499 SUGDEN H/S only ILM. Of ALICE SUGDEN dearly loved wife of the late CHARLES a beloved mother and grandma died Feb. 15th 1992 in her 90th year.
332 SYKES H/S + Surr. ILM. Of WINIFRED M. SYKES, died May 5th 1944 aged 51 years. Also CAROLINE, beloved wife of G. H. DAY died January 9th 1954. Also the above GEORGE H. DAY, died Dec. 18th 1955 aged 81 years. Also PETER SYKES, beloved husband of the above WINIFRED and of MARY, died March 13th 1956. Also MARY, wife of PETER, died Aug. 8th 1987, aged 83 years. Also ANNIE WOFFENDALE, died May 3rd 1944, aged 79 years. Also MARY HENSHALL, died March 29th 1947, aged 83 years.
86 TATE H/S + Surr. ILM. Of WILLIAM HENRY TATE, who died Sept. 15th 1940, aged 64 years. Also of CAROLINE TATE, who died Aug. 15th 1941, aged 64 years.
3 THORNTON H/S+ Surr To the dear memory of WILLIE THORNTON, born 1901 - died 1937. Also FREDERICK WILLIAM T. HARGREAVES born 1897 - died 1954. "Abide with me."
292 WARBRICK H/S + Surr. ILM. Of a dear wife and mother LUCY WARBRICK, died June 8th 1943, aged 75 years. And a dear husband and father HOLDEN WARBRICK, died Jan. 14th 1961, aged 88 years. Also of NELLIE MIDDLETON, a very dear wife and mother and daughter of the above, died Aug. 29th 1965, aged 56 years. Also of WILLIAM HENRY MIDDLETON, very dear husband of the abovenamed and a very dear father, died Jan. 16th 1967, aged 61 years. To my mummy and daddy 30.9.67.
290 WILKINSON H/S + Surr. ILM. Of JONAS, beloved husband of MARY JANE WILKINSON, died Nov. 2nd 1942, aged 54 years. Also of MARY JANE, beloved wife of the above, died June 5th 1965 aged 76 years. "J. WILKINSON."
331 WILSON H/S + Surr. ILM. Of WALTER CARTER WILSON, died April 20th 1943, aged 57 years. Also JOHN, dearly loved husband of FRANCES HINCHCLIFFE, died Jan. 17th 1953, aged 86 years.
332 WOFFENDALE H/S + Surr. see J 332 SYKES
373 WOLFF C.W.G.C. Headstone. 1531814 Sergeant H.J.WOLFF Pilot Royal Air Force 25th September 1943 age 22. "Requiescant in Pace" JOHN HAROLD WOLFF 1949 MARY THERESA WOLFF 1980 VICTOR FRANCIS WOLFF 1998
496 WOODCOCK H/S + Surr In loving remembrance of EDWARD WOODCOCK, died March 1st 1945, aged 79. MARY FRANCES WOODCOCK, wife of abovedied May 21st 1951, aged 71. CATHERINE CUNDY, died September 6th 1960, aged 77. BERTRAM W. CUNDY, husband of above died November 10th 1963, aged 81.
293 WORSNOP Surr. Only ILM. Of FLORRIE, died Feb. 25th1943, aged 46 years, the beloved wife of ARTHUR WORSNOP. Also ARTHUR, died Jan. 11th 1962, aged 70 years. The beloved husband of FLORRIE WORSNOP.



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