North Bierley Municipal Cemetery, section H


North Bierley Cemetery, section H


Abbreviations used
H.S. Headstone
I.L.M. In Loving Memory
I.M. In Memory
T.M Treasured Memory
T.Ms Treasured memories
T.T.M. To the Memory
Stone Surname Type Inscription
H 530 ABRAHAMS H/S only ILM. Of BARRY ABRAHAMS, a dearly loved husband, dad and grandad died Aug. 19th 1992, aged 47 years.
H 56 BOVAN H/S only Cherished memories of JOHN THOMAS BOVAN 1948 - 2003
H 22 GORMAN H/S only ILM of KEVIN GORMAN 3rd Jan. 1934 - 15th Aug. 1995 Beloved husband, father, grandad, brother and friend. Simply the best.
H 51 MORGANS H/S + Surr. ILM. Of GERTRUDE ANNE MORGANS beloved wife of DILWYN Dearly loved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Born 26 - 7 - 1930. Died 6 - 12 - 1998. Missed by all. And of DILWYN MORGANS dearly loved father, grandfather, great grandfather and friend. Born 29 - 6 - 1923. Died 3 - 11 - 2007. Just a thought away.
H 64 RAISTRICK H/S only ILM. Of WINIFRED RAISTRICK born 3.10.1925. died 20.3.2003 aged 77. A dearly loved wife, mother, sister and nan. Dearly loved sadly missed.
H 520 ROSTRON Column + Surr. To the Memory of ELIZA ANN wife of G. H. ROSTRON, Rock House, Buttershaw, entererd into rest March 11th 1920, aged 68 years. Rest in Peace. Also of NELLY, beloved wife of HARRY ROSTRON, who died April 5th 1946, aged 64 years. "To Memory Ever Dear." Sacred GEORGE Hy ROSTRON Sculptor Entered into Rest. April 7th 1924, aged 68 years. Also of SARAH , the devoted wife of ALONZO ADAMS, who died Oct. 18th 1934, aged 46 years. Also the above ALONZO ADAMS, who died March 10th 1947, aged 57 years. "Reunited." Also JOHN, beloved husband of MARTHA ANN BRYDEN, died March 13th 1955, aged 74 years. Also the above named MARTHA ANN, beloved wife of JOHN BRYDEN, died March 18th 1967, aged 86 years. Also of HARRY ROSTRON, a dear husband, died Sept 13th 1966, aged 84 years. Also of MILDRED, dear wife of HARRY died Dec. 21st 2002 aged 93 years. Also of T HOMAS WALTER, dearly loved husband of ANNIE ELIZABETH WHITE who died Jan. 24th 1941, aged 55 years. Gone from us but not forgotten. Also the above ANNIE ELIZABETH WHITE, died March 2nd 1951, aged 65 years.
H 390 WOODROW H/S + Surr. ILM. Of JOHN JAMES WOODROW. Died 13th Dec. 2008 ged 56 years. Sadly missed by all. Keep Rockin in Heaven.
H 520 ADAMS Column + Surr. see H 520 ROSTRON
H 67 AKINS H/S + Surr. ILM. of STEVE AKINS a dearly loved husband dad and grandad died 10th March 2007 aged 76 years. Re-united with his beloved wife NOREEN AKINS a deeply loved mum and grandma died 4th November 2009 aged 78 years. A special lady. Requiescant in pace.
H 2 ALDEN Cross with plaque Loving memories of LESLIE ALDEN died 28th March 2013 aged 91 years. Always in our hearts.
H 469 ALSTON wood cross ILM. Of MAUREEN ALSTON (HONEY) died aged 60 on the 5.5.05 always in our hearts.
H 273 ANDERSON wood cross Geoffrey Anderson died 8th May 2010 aged 54 years.
H 426 ANGELLO H/S + only ILM .of LORENZO ANGELLO born 12-12-27 died 22-5-02.
H 515 ARMITAGE H/S + Surr. ILM. of EDNA, beloved wife of SAM ARMITAGE, who died May 17th 1937, in her 53rd year. Also JOSEPHINE, baby daughter of ALBERT & MARJORIE ARMITAGE. Also the above named SAM ARMITAGE, who died December 29th 1957, aged 81 years. Also ALBERT, dearly loved husband of MARJORIE ARMITAGE, who died June 16th 1973, aged 58 years. Also the above named MARJORIE died December 8th 2000, aged 88. Dearly loved wife of ALBERT. Much loved father and mother.
H 512 ASHWORTH H/S only Cherished Memories of HILDA ASHWORTH dear wife of HARRY died October 7th 1991 aged 89 years. ILM. of HARRY ASHWORTH, died Jan. 24th 1978 aged75.
H 88 ATKINSON HS/ only ILM. of a dear dad and grandad LAURENCE ATKINSON who passed away 21.3.1996 aged 69. Also a dear mum and grandma DOROTHY JEAN ATKINSON who passed away 5.5.1996 aged 69. Always in our thoughts.
H 91 BADGIO Wood cross ILM of MARIA BAGGIO. May she rest in peace.
H 433 BARNETT H/S + Surr. Cherished Memories of GRETEL A.BARNETT 1944 TO 2004.
H 430 BEHAN H/S only Precious Memories of CYNTHIA ROSEMARY BEHAN Loving wife of MICHAEL dearly love Mum, Nan, Great Grandma and Sister. 1939 - 2004 R.I.P.
H 527 BENNETT H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of T. DAVID BENNETT born 28th Aug. 1937 died 17th Oct. 1990. The dear dad of TOM and JANINE. Loving son of MARIE and the late T.I B. BENNETT. Also MARIE born 12th Feb. 1912 died 8th Oct 1996 A cherished mother and grandmother.
H 28 BENSON H/S + Surr. Cherished memories of DOREEN BENSON died 15th Aug. 2001 aged 72 years. And her dearly beloved husband ROBERT (BOB) BENSON died 17th Jan. 2009 aged 84 years. Dearly loved parents and grandparents.
H 502 BENTLEY H/S only ILM. of FLORRIE BENTLEY died June 22nd 1946. Also FRED BENTLEY died May 18th 1974 and KEZIA BENTLEY died May 12th 1998.
H 107 BINNS H/S only GLORIA MAVIS BINNS 11.10.40 - 01.11.10 aged 70 years. Always loved A devoted mum, sister auntie and nana. You are always near so missed so loved so very dear.
H 109 BLOWERS H/S + Surr. Forever in our hearts JOYCE CHRISTINE BLOWERS 15.11.1959 - 09.05.2011 One of the best God could lend a loving mum, grandma, wife and dear friend.
H 521 BOWERS CROSS + Surr. At Rest In God's Keeping. MARY, the beloved wife of DAVID BOWERS, who died May 21st 1923, aged 62 years. Also CLARA NOVELLO, dearly loved wife of HARRY GIBSON, died August 8th 1944, aged 57 years. And the above HARRY GIBSON, died April 17th 1963, aged 77 years.
H 322 BREATON H/S +Surr. ILM. of ELIZABETH BREATON. A loving mum died on 2nd January 2011 aged 97
H 40 BREWERTON Surr. Only In Loving Memory of EMMA, wife of JOSHUA DENTON BREWERTON, died Sep. 7th 1957, aged 75 years. Also of the aforenamed JOSHUA DENTON BREWERTON, died June 11th 1960 aged 77 years.
H 59 BRITTON H/S only ILM. of JOSEPH LOFTUS BRITTON born 15.7.1933 Died 8.5.2008 aged 74 years. Much loved Dad of LYN, PAUL and JONATHAN. Much loved Grandad of CHARLOTTE, ELLIE and HARVEY. Also lying here are the ashes of Grandaughters SHANNON born 14.12.2000, fell asleep 22.12.2000. SHELBY born 14.12.2000, fell asleep 24.2.2001. Forever in our hearts.
H 418 BROWN H/S + Surr. Precious Memories of DAVID BROWN a dearly loved Husband Dad and Grandad born 8.2.1947 died 6.3.2000.
H 520 BRYDEN Column + Surr. see H 520 ROSTRON
H 105 BUCKLEY H/S only ILM. Of ALICE BUCKLEY 8-11-1918 to 11-5-1998 and ERIC BUCKLEY18-9-1914 to 20-6-1998 devoted mum and dad of MAURENE, VINCENT, PAUL, KATRINA Grandma and grandad to JAMES KELLY, EMMA, JONATHAN, MATTHEW and MARY ALICE.
H 23 BURCH H/S only ILM. Of NORRIS WALKER BURCH, a beloved husband, dad and grandad Died 30th April 1999, aged 70 years.
H 13 BUTLER H/S only  
H 26 BUTLER H/S only In ever loving memory of MARY ANN BUTLER born 3.6.1939, died 14.11 2000. Devoted mum to PAUL and JAMES, sister of PAULINE AND JOAN. Her life a beautiful memory. Her absence a silent grief.
H 6 CAIN H/S + tablet JAMES PAUL CAIN, a dearly loved son and brother died July 10th 1995, aged 19 years. God bless. Resting where no shadows fall. MICHAEL CAIN beloved husband of SHEILA father of MICHAEL and ANDREW died 1st Nov. 2000aged 72 years. Also SHEILA CAIN beloved wife mother grandmother, and great grandmother died 14th Jan. 2011 aged 76 years.
H 25 CARNEY H/S + SURR. ILM. of devoted mum and gran ANNIE CARNEY died 31st December 2004 aged 92 years. As she lived, so she died A friend to all.
H 358 CHOMYSZAK wood cross Pray for the soul of TEODOR CHOMYSZAK. Died 8th June 2015aged 93 years. Rest in Peace.
H 288 CHOMYSZYN wood cross Pray for the souls of IWAN CHOMYSZYN died 30th Dec. 2014 aged 87 years. Rest in Peace.
H 49 CIRULIS Cross + Surr. ILM. Of ALFRED DAVID CIRULIS, who died 29th May 1994, aged71 years. Also his loving wife BELLA ALBINA ROSE died 18th Oct. 2003 aged 75 years. Together for eternity. Rest in Heavenly Peace.
H 387 CLARKE H/S + Surr. Always loved. CATHERINE CLARKE a special wife. 1963 - 2007. Also her beloved husband MARK CLARKE 1958 - Together forever.
H 148 CLAYDEN H/S + Surr. Time passes, Memories stay. Loved and remembered Every day. In Loving Memory of KATHRYN ANN CLAYDEN 1952 - 2006 Loved by all who knew her.
H 462 CONORS wood cross + surr. KEVIN CONNORS born sleeping. 5th June 2004. Safe in the hands of Jesus.
H 456 CONWAY wood cross Pray for the souls of MARTIN CONWAY & BRIDGET CONWAY. R.I.P.
H 456 CONWAY H/S + Surr. Remembered with Love MARTIN CONWAY a loving Husband, Dad & Grandad died 23rd July 2009 aged 84 years. "A Kerryman for ever." BRIDIE CONWAYa loving Wife, Mum Treasured Grandma died 15th October 2014 aged 89 years. Always in our Hearts. R.I.P.
H 473 COPELAND H/S + Surr. ILM. Of a dear mum and nana PATRICIA COPELAND Born 19th December 1936 Passed away 21st October 2006. You will live in our hearts forever. Good night and God bless.
H 491 COURT H/S + Surr. In Loves Keeping. A memorial to a dear wife and well-loved mother, HARRIETT COURT, who passed on 9 th October 1949. Also in memory of HERBERT COURT, husband of the aboved named HARRIETT COURT who left here 24th November 1959, and whose body was cremeted and whose ashes are interred here. Treasured memories of HUBERT COURT, only son of the above, dear husband of DOROTHY and dear father of SHIRLEY, who passed on 20th November 1988. At Rest. And of DOROTHY ALICE COURT , beloved wife and mother who died on 9th January 1994. "And Death is only an horizon, the limit of our sight."
H 31 CRAVEN H/S only ILM. Of WARREN A. CRAVEN 1941 - 2002 A much loved husband, father and granpy. Love you.
H 511 CURRELL H/S + Surr. In Loving Remembrance of FLORENCE ALMA CURRELL, dearly loved wife of JAMES CURRELL died april 4th 1939 aged 56 years. Also the above named JAMES CURRELL who died Dec. 27th 1955, aged 98 years. Also MAY PARKIN, beloved daughter of the aforenamed who died Dec. 27th 19(-)3 aged 47 years. Also of MAY ELIZABETH CURRELL, beloved sister of the afore-named, died --- March 1962 aged 89 years.
H 21 DALEY H/S only In loving memory of CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE DALY 11.10.1994 - 15.10.1994. "Safe in the Arms of Jesus."
H 69 DAVIES Wood cross + Surr. ILM. Of BRIAN CHRISTOPHER DAVIES died 18th November 2011 aged 62 years. R.I.P.
H 47 DAWSON H/S + Surr. see H 47 WALKER
H 58 DAWSON H/S only ILM. of SILVIA MARY DAWSON Devoted mother, wife, sister, daughter, auntie and wonderful nana. 1946 - 2007 Will always be remembered and forever in our thoughts. O, Lord our Mother is in thy hands She had a kindly word for each and she died beloved by all. Also cross attached: ILM. of SILVIA MARY DAWSON. Died 2nd December 2007 aged 62 years. sec H No 58.
H 284 DENNIS wood cross Pray for the soul of CATHERINE WASON DENNIS Died 2nd Nov. 2012 aged 77 years. Rest in Peace.
H 420 DENTON H/S + Surr. ILM. of JACKSON DENTON beloved husband of OLIVIA a much loved dad and grandad born 23rd October 1933 passed away 29th July 2000. In God's Keeping.
H 52 DIXON H/S + Surr. Cherished memories of a beloved son and brother THOMAS DIXON born 17th March 1979 died 26th May 1999 aged 20 years. All through your suffering Great patience you bore, Till God called you home To suffer no more Always in our thoughts Forever in our hearts remembered with a smile. Best friend forever Wiggy.
H 319 DROZD wood cross Pray for the souls of JAROSLAW DROZD IRMGARD, DROZD Rest in Peace.
H 311 DUBNA H/S + Surr. MICHAILO DUBNA 30.10.1924 - 22.8.2007. Inscription in Cirylic.
H 68 DUNCAN H/S only ILM. Of DANIEL ASIF DUNCAN 1979 - 2007 a much loved father of ALISHA a son, big brother & uncle. You was sadly taken from us all, a t the age of 27. May you r soul rest in peace, each day your missed , but ever forgotten. You will always remain in our hearts forever until we meet again. Nuff love.
H 74 DUNN H/S + Surr. In Memory of CATHERINE DUNNE, a loving daughter, mother and grandmother. Born 12.12.1951. Passed away 6.3.1996.
H 393 DUNNE H/S + Surr. oiche mhaith codlah samh DENIS DUNNE 18.12.1940 - 22.04.2011 Loving Husband of BRIDGET. Dad and Grandad With Grandson RYAN sleeping in his arms.
H 428 DURKIN H/S + only ILM. Of a dear husband, father and grandfather THOMAS DURKIN who passed away 24th May 2003 aged 81 years.
H 500 ELLIS H/S + Surr. Damaged ILM. Of ALFRED ELLIS, died 15th March 1947, aged 63 years. And MARY ANN wife of the above, died 6th Feb. 1969 aged 88 years. Also CARRIE METCALFE, sister of the above died 4th Jan. 1980 aged 92 years.
H 385 FAIRBAIRN H/S CLIVE FAIRBAIRN 1944 - 2007 To the rest of the world you were just somebody To those who loved you you were the world. Love and miss you always.
H 12 FARLEY H/S only Treasured Memories of PETER JOHN FARLEY born 3 - 7 - 1927 died 7 - 7 - 1999 and SHEILA MACLEOD FARLEY born 28 - 1 - 1934 died 28 - 2 - 2002. Loved and with us always. R.I.P.
H 7 FARRELL H/S only Precious Memories of MARIE ANGELA FARRELL, a dearly loved daughter, sister and much loved girl friend of NIGEL died 21st Dec. 1997, aged 25 years. Always in our Thoughts.
H 24 FIELDHOUSE H/S + SURR. Precious Memories of DAVID FIELDHOUSE a beloved husband and a much loved dad Died 13th March 2000 aged 47 years. Love never ends.
H 540 FIRTH H/S only ILM. Of EDNA FIRTH died March 1st 1999 aged 89 years. And her beloved husband ERNEST died September 19th 1999 aged 86 years. Re-United.
H 482 FISHER H/S + Surr. ILM. of NOREEN FISHER 29.04.1945 to 12.06.2010. Loyal Wife devoted Mum & loving Grandma. In our hearts you will always stay Loved and remembered every day.
H 63 FLEMING H/S only ILM. Of ZEILA GLAMIS FLEMING died 7th April 2009 aged 78 Loved and missed.
H 15 FOSTER H/S only To the beautiful memory of BRENDA FOSTER a loving wife, mum and nan died 30th September 2002 aged 55 years. Gone are the days we used to share but in our hearts you'll always be there.
H 76 FRETWELL H/S only ILM. Of DOROTHY FRETWELL 19- 12 -1920 -- 1.9.2001 Wife of the late EDWARD and a dearly missed mother and gran.
H 526 FRIER H/S only Cherished Memories of a dear husband and father LESLIE FRIER died 13th Jan. 1994 aged 74 years. And his dear wife JOAN died 16th Oct. 2010 aged 92 years. A loving mum and grandma.
H 27 GARNER H/S only I ever loving memory of ANN GARNER died 31st May 2001 aged 61 years. Beloved wife, mother and grandmother. Gave so much Took so little.
H 89 GHERARDI HS/ only ILM. of our mum, nana, and great grandma ADA GHERADI Born in Italy 9.2.1926 died 9.2.1997. Sarai Sempre Nel Mio Cuore Tuo Figlio Beniamino. Riposa in Pace. Con Gli Angeli.
H 521 GIBSON CROSS + Surr. see H 521 BOWERS
H 389 GILDERDALE wood cross RONALD GILDERDALE "Ronnie". Died 6th July 2008 aged 78 years
H 106 GREEN H/S only ILM. Of SYLVIA GREEN died 20th March 2008 aged 85 years. R.I.P. God grants you eternal rest.
H 425 GRUNWELL H/S + Surr. SIMON DAVID GRUNWELL died 5 . 02 . 02 aged 19 Precious son and brother. Also ELSIE GRUNWELL died 20 . 12 . 2003 his loving Great Grandma.
H 152 HAINSWORTH H/S only ILM. of a wonderful wife, mother and grandma JACKIE HAINSWORTH died 15 - 1 -94 aged 64 years. Also ARTHUR C. HAINSWORTH loving husband of above a dear father and grandfather died 29 - 12 - 95 aged 70 years.
H 286 HALAS wood cross Pray for the Soul of JOZEFA HALAS died 27th Aug. 2014 aged73 years. Rest in Peace.
H 307 HANCZARYK H/S only ILM. Of JANINA HANCZARYK a much loved wife mum and granny born 4.9.1927 in Poland. Died 6.4.2009 aged 81. Rest in Peace.
H 308 HANCZARYK H/S only ILM. of TEODOR HANCZARYK a much loved husband dad and grandad born 4.9.1920 in W. Ukraine died 15.2.2013 aged 92. Rest in Peace.
H 480 HANSON H/S + Surr. ILM. Of FRED HANSON. Loving husband, dad grandad and great grandad. Born 28.10.1919 died 17.1.2005. Also his beloved wife SILVANA BRUNA MARIA HANSON a much loved mum and nonna. Born 24.1.1922 died 11.4.2008. R.I.P. Requiescat in Pace. Separate stone: ANDREA JAYNE HANSON Fell asleep 10th June 2009 aged 29 years. Cherished mum of ETHAN Treasured daughter & sister Always in our thoughts.
H 54 HARPER H/S only In memory of JEAN HARPER 1948 - 2000 It is Eternity now. I am in it as the butterfly in the light -laden air. Nothing has to come, it its now. Now is eternity, now is the immortal life.
H 429 HARPS wood cross ELIZABETH HARPS 26TH March 1927 11th february 2004.
H 439 HARPS Wood cross ILM. Of HELEN MARGARET HARPS died 24th September 2005 aged 51 years.
H 477 HATFIELD wood cross + surr. KATH and RON HATFIELD Loving Parents and Grandparents.
H ? HAWLEY H/S + Surr. ILM. of MICHAEL HAWLEY died 2nd November 2010. A dearly loved husband dad and grandad.
H 522 HAYCOCK H/S + Surr. Overgrown ILM. of ANN, the beloved wife of RICHARD HAYCOCK, who died June 18th 1931, in her 74th year. Also the above RICHARD HAYCOCK, who died Nov. 30th 1936 in his 76 th year. Also HILDA, wife of CHARLES RAMSDEN and daughter of the above, who died May 29th 1971 in her 81st year. "Resting". Also MARIA FOX, sister of the above ANN HAYCOCK, who died Dec. 6th 1931, aged 71 years.
H 53 HELLIWELL H/S + Surr. Precious memories of MAUREEN HELLIWELL Died 4 - 3 - 2000, aged 63. Much loved dwife of GORDON A loving mum , nan and sister. Never Forgotten.
H 510 HERON H/S + Surr. see I 510 SPEIGHT
H 87 HOLDEN HS/ only Precious memories of a dear daughter and sister CATHERINE LOUISE HOLDEN died 9th December 1994 aged 6. An Angel gone to Heaven.
H 513 HOLDEN H/S + Surr. ILM. of MENA, beloved wife of JESSE HOLDEN, who died June 28th 1938, aged 74 years. Also the above JESSE HOLDEN, who died Nov. 16th 1950, aged 83 years. Reunited. "Resting."
H 513 HOLDEN H/S + Surr damaged ILM. of MENA, beloved wife of JESSE HOLDEN, who died June 28th 1938, aged 74 years. Also the above JESSE HOLDEN, who died Nov. 15th 1950, aged 83 years. Reunited. "Resting."
H 516 HOLDSWORTH H/S + Surr. (damaged) In Loving Memory of a dear husband and father JAMES HENRY HOLDSWORTH, died August 17th 1935, aged 69 years. "Sometime we'll understand." Also of a dear mother ANN, beloved wife of the above died April 3rd 1940, aged 75 years. Also daughter of the above. ELSIE SHORT, beloved wife of JOHN W. SHORT died April 30th 1974. Also the above JOHN, died July 24th 1976.
H 516 HOLDSWORTH H/S + Surr damaged ILM. of a dear husband and father JAMES HENRY HOLDSWORTH, died August 17th 1935, aged 69 years. "Sometime we'll understand." Also of a dear mother ANN, beloved wife of the above died April 3rd 1940, aged 75 years. Also daughter of the above ELSIE SHORT, beloved wife of JOHN W. SHORT died April 30th 1974. Also the above JOHN, died July 24th 1976.
H 523 HORSLEY H/S + Surr. In Memory of a dear sister MINNIE HORSLEY, died April 16th 1943, aged 62 years. Also of EMMA HORSLEY, sister of the above, died June 16th 1961, aged 86 years.
H 36 HUDSON H/S + SURR. ILM. Of FRED, dearly loved husband of MARY HUDSON, who passed away Dec. 31st 1962, aged 79 years. Also the above named MARY HUDSON, who died October 5th 1966, aged 83 years. Also THOMAS, dearly beloved husband of VERA BROOKSBANK, died Jan. 25th 1968, aged 57 years. Also VERA, a dear wife, died June 14th 1988, aged 80 years.
H 126 HUGHES wood cross PHILIP TERRY FREDERICK HUGHES died 30th August 2012 aged 82 years.
H 78 HUTCHINSON H/S only Forever in our hearts COLIN HUTCHINSON BSc (Hons) died 20th February 2008 aged 43. Love you always Rest in Peace my love.
H 272 IVAN H/S only FEDYUK IVAN 1.07.1954 - 27.10.2007 inscription in Ciryllic.
H 309 JAWNYJ H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of ANDRIJ JAWNYJ beloved husband of CLARA a dear dad, grandad and father-in-law. Inscription also in Cirylic.
H 395 JAWORNIJ H/S only ILM. Of ANNA VITTIGLIO JAWORNYJ a dear wife and mother born 12.10.1932 in Cassino Italy. Some inscription also in Cyrilic.
H 20 JOHNSON H/S only Treasured memories of ELSIE JOHNSON died 17th March 1993 aged 80 dear mum and nana. Also her dear husband JOSEPH died 26th August 1983 aged 76 Always loved and remembered.
H 41 JORDAN Surr. Only In Ever loving memory of a dear wife and mother MARY HANNAH JORDAN, died 12th July 1957, aged 66 years. Also of WALTER HENRY JORDAN, beloved husband of the aforesaid died 10th September 1960, aged 68 years.
H 472 JOZEFEK H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of GEORGE JOZEFEK (JERZY) a loving husband, father and grandfather. Loved and remembered with a smile. 3.8.1927 - 18.3.2006. R.I.P.
H 432 KARLE H/S only ILM. Of RENIE KARLE died 16 July 2004 aged 86 years and RAYMOND KARLE died 15th Nov. 2005 aged78 years.
H 45 KELLETT H/S + Surr. Treasured memories of FRED, dearly loved husband of LILY KELLETT, who passed away Feb. 15th 1954, aged 60 years. Also the above named LILY KELLETT , who passed away May 2nd 1981, aged 85 years.
H 494 KELLETT H/S + Surr. (damaged) In Loving Memory SARAH HANNAH, beloved wife of JOHN KELLETT, who died Oct 6th 1948 aged 55 years.
H 441 KELLY H/S only Loved and Remembered every day PETER KELLY died 26th April 2006 aged 59. A loving husband, dad and grandad.
H 323 KENNEDY wood cross DANNY PETER KENNEDY died 4th dec. 2013 aged 28 years.
H 32 KERINS H/S only Loved and missed by all the family Patrick Kerins 1927 - 2002 and BRIGID KERINS 1932 - 2008 Together again. Always in our thoughts Forever in our hearts.
H 3 KITCHEN H/S + Surr. ILM of a dearly loved husband ROBERT KITCHEN who died 3rd February 1998 aged 74 years. Also MARIA a dearly loved wife of ROBERT who died 12th February 2010 aged 86 years. Together again.
H 312 KOZAK H/S only MICHAEL KOZAK 24.8.1923 - 24.4.2008. MARTINA KOZAK 11.11.1932 - 21.102012. Inscription also in Cirylic.
H 417 LAUGHREY H/S + Surr. ILM. of PATRICK LOUGHREY a much loved Husband Dad and Grandad 1925 - 1998
H 44 LEACH H/S + Surr. ILM. Of DORIS, beloved wife of HARRY GIBSON LEACH, who died Jan. 1st 1955? Also HARRY, beloved husband of the above who died March 1st? 1966. Also JOAN MARY RUTHVEN, their daughter died July 1975 aged 51 years.
H 506 LEACH H/S + Surr. ILM. of MARY JANE LEACH, died Jan. 7th 1945, aged 63 years. Also STANSFIELD LEACH, husband of the above, died July 18th 1952, aged 73 years.
H 537 - 538 LEE H/S only Cherished Memories of our dear son CHO HON LEE died 15th April 1996 aged 18 years.
H 77 LEWIS H/S only ILM. Of JOHN RAYMOND LEWIS EDWARD LAURENCE LEWIS and BEATRICE LEWIS. Please God have mercy on our souls.
H 43 LIGHTOWLER H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of DENNIS, dearly loved husband of ANNICE LIGHTOWLER, died June 5th 1955, aged 79 years. Also ANNICE, dearly loved wife of the above died May 3rd 1960, aged 82 years. Also ALFRED, dear son of the above, and deearly loved husband of EDNA, died January 23rd 1968, aged 61 years.
H 55 LOCKHART H/S + Surr. Royal Mail Jay BD 5784. ILM. of JASON ANDREW LOCKHART died 22nd April 2002 aged 25 years. Beloved husband of KYMM Much loved son and friend Always in our hearts.
H 539 LOCKWOOD H/S + Surr. ILM. of (JOSIE) JOSEPHINE JEAN LOCKWOOD, a dear wife, mother and grandma died 19th January 1997. R.I.P.
H 274 LUDLKEWYCZ wood cross Pray for the souls of MARIA LUDLKEWYCZ IWAN LUDKEWYCZ Rest in Peace.
H 60 LUMB H/S + Surr. ILM. of CHRISTINE LUMB, beloved wife of JOE and mother of VICTORIA & CHARLOTTE fell asleep 22nd Feb. 1990 aged 31. (..........)
H 66 LUMB H/S only ILM. of JOSEPH LUMB, dearly loved husband of JOYCE much loved father of HELEN, JOE, BRIAN & DOUG and dearly loved grandad. Died 28th May 2004 aged 75. Aint no sunshine now your gone. R.I.P.
H 531 LUNN H/S + Surr. ILM. Of a dear wife, mother, daughter and sister, SUSAN LUNN, died 17th June 1993 aged 39 years.
H 278 LYSENCZUK wood cross Pray for the souls of MYCHAILO LYSENCZUK EDITH LYSENCZUK Rest in Peace.
H ? MADDEN H/S only CHRISTINA ELIZABETH MADDEN 9th Dec 1964 - 18th April 2012 Much loved special daughter and sister.
H 471 MALONEY wood cross JOYCE MALONEY died 5th Dec. 2005 aged 84 years.
H 8 MANN H/S only Treasured Memories of my beloved husband GEOFFREY AMOS MANN died 10th June 1998 aged 70 years.
H 61 MARKS H/S only ILM. of JOAN MARKS, a dearly loved wife and mum died Feb. 3rd 1995, aged 68 years. Also JOHN dearly loved husband of the above and a loving dad died July 13th 1999 aged 77 years. Reunited. R.I.P.
H 82 MARTIN H/S + Surr. ILM. Of ANTHONY VINCENT MARTIN "Fuzzy" 30.12.1974 - 21.04.2013 Loving husband of FAYE Doting dad of JACOB & FEARNE Much loved son of JACOB & HELENA A dear brother and a friend to many. We miss you nowour hearts are sore. As time goes by we miss you more. Your loving smile your gentle face no one can fill your vacant face.
H 458 MARUSCO H/S only To the beautiful memory of ALDO MARUSCO beloved husband and father died 15th Sept . 1999 aged 69 years. Gone from our home but not from our hearts.
H 316 MATISCHEN H/S + Surr. PETER MATISCHEN 11.04.24 - 27.05.2010 and ILM. Of ERMELINDA MATISCHEN (nee VECCHIONE), wife mother and grandma. Born 19.12.1930, Atripalda, Italy. Died Alsays in our hearts and together in Heaven! Inscription also in Cirylic.
H 239 MATKIVSKA H/S only ANTONINA MATKIVSKA 14.11.1924 - 20.01.2011. inscription in Cyrillic.
H 529 MATTOCK H/S only ILM. Of ERIC MATTOCK 8.4.1909 - 12.2.1969 and AGNES MATTOCK 2.7.1914 - 13.2.1992 Cherished Parents and Grandparents.
H 5 MAYHEW H/S only ILM. Of RONALD MAYHEW, dearly loved husband of MILLICENT J. MAYHEW, called home 4th May 1994, aged 86 years. Also of MILLICENT J. MAYHEW, called home14th April 2005, aged 94 years. Absent from the body and present with the Lord.
H 419 McCABE wood cross + Surr McCABE THOMAS EDWARD 1914 - 1992. KATHLEEN 1916 - 1998. Remembered always with love. R.I.P.
H 478 McCAFFERTY wood cross + surr. ILM. Of JOHN McCAFFERTY 16th November 2006 aged 62 years. A dearly loved Husband Dad and Gramps. Rest in Peace.
H 467 McCALLION H/S + Surr. ILM. of WILLIAM JOSEPH McCALLION died 30th January 2005 aged 72 years. Forever in the thoughts of your loving wife , children and grandchildren
H 112 McDONALD H/S only To the beautiful memory of GLENN McDONALD1963 - 2005 A very special husband and dad Remembered with a smile.
H 474 McLENNON wood cross + surr. ILM. of MICHELLE PATRICIA McLENNON Always in our Hearts.
H 500 METCALFE H/S + Surr. Damaged see I 500 ELLIS
H 101 MIDDLEWOOD H/S + SURR. Treasured Memories of GREGORY SCOTT MIDDLEWOOD died November 1st 1997 aged 47 years. A Loving Husband and Dad. Also of ELIZABETH ROSE MIDDLEWOOD DIED January 4th 2013 aged 50 years. A Dearly Loved and Missed Wife Mum and Friend. "Always in our thoughts." "Simply the best."
H 30 MILLER H/S + Surr. ILM. Of DORIS MILLER siws 19th Nov. 2001 aged 67 years. A loving and devoted wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother.
H 244 MITSO H/S only VASYL MITSO 25.9.1944 - 17.11.2012 inscription in Ciryllic
H 10 MITULINSKI H/S only ILM. Of MARIA MITULINSKI died 15th October 2006 aged 81 years. Also JOZEF MITULINSKI a dear husband, father & grandfather died 22nd April 2008 aged 87 years. Rest in Peace.
H 1 MORRELL H/S + Surr. ILM of a dear husband and father LEWIS MORRELL, who passed away July 27th 1968, aged 62 years. Also EDNA, his beloved wife a dear mother and grandmother who passed away October 9th 1996, aged 90 years. A token of esteem from his employees.
H 38 MURRAY H/S + SURR. In Memory ever dear of WILLIAM HENRY MURRAY, died July 25th 1959, aged 62 years. HAROLD DUNCAN MURRAY. P/O. R.A.F. Son of the above missing August 26th 1944, aged 22 years. Also IVY, beloved wife and mother of the above. Later beloved wife of JOHN ABBOTT, died December 5th 1968, aged 71 years. Also REGINALD MARSHALL, died November 8th 1959, aged 60 years. "In Heavenly Love Abiding."
H 18 NETHERWOOD H/S only Treasured Memories of FRED NETHERWOOD, a dearly loved husband and father, died May 1st 1989, aged 69 years. Also of NORAH, beloved wife of the above and a very dear mother, died Dec. 12th 1994, aged 72 years. Re-United. Requiescant in Pace.
H 39 NOBLE H/S + SURR. Treasured Memories of HAROLD, dearly loved husband of ROSE ANNIE NOBLE, died Nov. 3rd 1957, aged 70 years. Also of the above, ROSE ANNIE, died May 1st 1966, aged 80 years. And her sister BERTHA TORDOFF, died January 11th 1972, aged 84 years. Thy Will Be Done.
H 29 OLDCORN H/S + Surr. Cherished memories of DONALD ISAAC OLDCORN a dearly loved husband, father, grandad and great grandad. 28.12.1930 - 19.10.2001 Our Lady of Lourdes pray for us.
H ? OLDCORN H/S + Surr. Cherished Memories of a dearly loved husband, dad and grandad DONALD ANTHONY OLDCORN Died 15th April 2013 aged 55 years. Sadly missed every day.
H 37 ORMONDROYD H/S + SURR. ILM. Of MARY ALICE, dearly loved wife of HANSON ORMONDROYD, died 15th April 1961, aged 83 years. Also of HANSON, beloved husband of the above died 18th December 1968, aged 90 years. Also their daughter SARAH ELIZABETH, beloved wife of SARGENT H. CROWTHER, died 22nd Jan 1977, aged 75 years. Also of the above named SARGENT HANSON CROWTHER, died 19th June1979, aged 79 years. "In Heavenly Love Abiding."
H 384 OVARI wood cross Sec H No 384 Pray for the souls of IMRE OVARI ANNA MARIA OVARI Rest in Peace.
H 542 OWEN H/S only ILM. of VERA OWEN dear wife mother and grandmother died 20th Jan 1997 aged 66 years. DENIS OWEN a dear husband of the late VERA died 30th March 2015 aged 86 years. R.I.P.
H 511 PARKIN H/S + Surr. See I 511 CURRELL
H 541 PARKINSON H/S only ILM. of JOHN SYLVESTER PARKINSON a much loved husband dad and grandad died 7th March 2007 aged74 years. R.I.P.
H 461 PARRINELLO H/S + Surr. In ever loving memory of SALVATORE PARRINELLO born 9th January 1934. Died 30th November 2006 aged 72. His Absence a silent Grief, For his wife, children, grandchildren and for all of whom he is a Memory. R.I.P.
H ? PARROTT H/S + Surr. CHRISTOPHER DAVID PARROTT 12.4.1953 - 23.6.2010 The laughter, the smiles, the stories he told memories worth more than gold. A gentleman.
H 4 PAVLOVIC H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of a loving husband dad and grandadMILISAV PAVLOVIC died 6th November 1989 aged 68. Also SOPHIA PAVLOVIC loving wife, mother and grandmother died 15th April 2010 aged 85.
H 124 PAWSON wood cross STANLEY PAWSON died October 10th 2010 aged 82 years.
H 422 PEACOCK H/S + Surr. ILM. of IMELDA PEACOCK a devoted wife mother and grandmother born 13th January 1926 died 27th June 2001. Also RAYMOND ANTHONY PEACOCK a devoted husband, father grandfather and great grandfather. Born 15th March 1927 died 7th May 2009. Rest in Peace. Gone from our home but not from our hearts.
H 524 PEARSON H/S only ILM. Of RALPH PEARSON beloved husband of ANNIE born January 3rd 1912 Died August 24th 1984 Also ANNIE beloved wife of RALPH born December 2nd 1908 died September 25th 1998 "She did more than she could." Also LINDA JANE PEARSON beloved wife of PETER born November 18th 1946 died December 19th 2010 Loving Mum of ABIGAIL, JOSEPH and ROBERT.
H 424 PENSAVALLE H/S only ILM. Of MICHAEL PENSAVALLE born 10-03-29 died 25-12-01
H 92 PETROV Wood cross ANTON PETROF Passed away 8th Mar 2011 aged 61 years. Rest in Peace.
H 501 PETTY H/S only In Ever Loving Memory of a dear husband and father, RICHARD PETTY who passed on Jan. 23rd 194(7). "He shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty". And his beloved wife IVY MAY died Jan. 5th 1984.
H 90 PICKLES HS/ only Precious memories of MARK ANDREW PICKLES Died February 8th 2008 aged 40 years. A dearly loved son & brother. Always in our thoughts.
H 535 PICKLES H/S only ILM. DEREK PICKLES died 5th January 2008 aged 79 years. A loving husband, dad and grandad. Also MARJORIE ELIZABETH PICKLES died 21st July 2008 aged 76 years a loving wife, mum and grandma Together again Forever in our thoughts.
H ? PING HO H/S + Surr. born 11-02-1932 died 17-01-2012 In loving memory of PING HO Forever in our hearts. Inscription also in Chinese script.
H 459 PIROLLI H/S only ILM. of MARIA PIROLLI born 18.5.1913 died 18.12.2013 aged 90 Loving Mother, Grandmother and Great grandmother. Always in our Hearts Forever in our thoughts.
H 442 POLECHONSKI H/S + Surr Treasured Memories of JACQUELINE POLECHONSKI a dearly loved Wife, Mum, Daughter and Sister. Died 9th December 2010 aged 48 years. JACKIE, Loved and Remembered every day.
H 438 POTTLE Wood cross ILM. HAZEL MARGARET POTTLE 1947 - 2005.
H 434 POWELL H/S + Surr. Cherished Memories of DOUGLAS POWELL a very precious husband and dad passed away 3rd. Nov. 2004 aged 61 years. Loved by everyone. Flowers may die The sun may set but a love like ours we will never forget. It's engraved in our hearts forever in gold. Forever in our Hearts.
H 495 PRICE H/S + Surr. ILM. of FLORENCE, beloved wife of HERBERTSPENCER PRICE. C.B.E. Who died January 26th 1948, aged 52 years. Also of HERBERT SPENCER PRICE, C.B.E., K.P.M. Beloved husband of FLORENCE and father of JOHN, who died August 25. 1976, aged 84 years. Also of JOHN TURNER PRICE, their dear son who died February 9th 1997, aged 78 years.
H ? PRIOR H/S only ILM of SYDNEY JOSEPH PRIOR 31-7-1935 to 29-8-2013 aged 78 years. A much loved dad, grandad andgreat grandad. R.I.P.
H 280 PRYTULAK wood cross Pray for the soul of TARAS (Terry) PRYTULAK born 7.06.1957 - died 18.09.2009 R.I.P.
H 479 RAISBECK H/S + 2nd stone Treasured Memories of WILLIAM RAISBECK killed in North Africa March 28th 1943 aged 28 years. Also ETHEL MARY RAISBECK loving wife of the above died December 23rd 2004 aged 87 years. A loving Mum and Grandma. R.I.P. 2nd stone: Never Fading Memories of MAURICE WILLIAM RAISBECK 10-12-41 - 25-8-14 A dearly loved and precious Husband, Dad and Grandad. Beloved son of the above. Until we are reunited my love you will remain in my heart. X
H 522 RAMSDEN H/S + Surr. Overgrown see H 522 HAYCOCK
H 147 RAYNER CWGC headstone 25038254 Sergeant PETER ANTHONY RAYNER 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment 8th October 2010. Age 34.
H 495 RAYNOR H/S + Surr. +stone In God's keeping WILLIAM HENRY RAYNOR died December 7th 1947 in his 71st year. And ARTHUR RAYNOR, died March 28th 1959, in his 73rd year. Also of EDITH, the dear wife of ARTHUR RAYNOR died December 3rd 1961, year.
H 534 REMINGTON H/S only Treasured memories of JOAN REMINGTON a dearly loved wife, daughter, mother, grandma and sister. Oct. 31st 1923 - Sept. 16th 1993.
H 314 RICHMOND H/S + Surr. ILM. of CHRISTOPHER RICHMOND a loving son, grandson and nephew died 24th May 2008 aged 22 years.
H 518 RILEY Obelisk + Surr. Loving thoughts of FRANK RILEY, Passed to higher service January 9th 1931, aged 65 years. And ELIZA ANN wife of the above February 28th 1938, aged 71 years. CLARICE, 1899 - 1968, Cremated Nab Wood. NELLIE, 1893 - 1974. Cremated Park Wood.
H 9 ROBERTSHAW H/S only ILM. Of THOMAS ROBERTSHAW the beloved husband of PEGGY a dearest dad and grandad Died 24th April 2001 aged 80 years. MARGARET ROBERTSHAWbeloved wife of TOMMY a loved mum, grandma and great grandma. Born 28th May 1920 died 20th Oct. 2011 aged 91 years. Remembered with love.
H 71 ROSS H/S + Surr. Never forgotten. ANDREW ROSS aged 50 years. 30.1.1960 ~ 2.12.2010. Much loved husband, dad grandad and son. In our hearts you'll be with us always and forever.
H 156 ROYLE H/S + SURR. ILM. Of HERBERT ROYLE died 7th July 2001 aged 81 years.
H 44 RUTHVEN H/S + Surr. see H 44 LEACH
H 392 RUTHVEN H/S + Surr. Cherished Memories of GORDON RUTHVEN. A much loved Husband, Dad and Grandad. Died 31st January 2013 aged 69.
H 46 SAVILLE H/S + Surr. ILM. Of ERNEST, dearly loved husband of AMY SAVILLE, died Dec. 22nd 1953, aged 71 years. Also of the above named AMY SAVILLE, died May 30th 1969, ag ed 87 years. Also of LAURA SAVILLE, daughter of the above died Jan 21st 1978, aged 76 years. Also of EDMUND SAVILLE, son of the above and a dear brother, died Oct. 13th 1985, aged82 years.
H 270 SAVKIV H/S + Surr. STEFAN SAVKIV 27.11.1921 MARIA SAVKIV 19.02.1935 Inscription in Cyrillic
H 466 SCARGILL H/S + Surr. Forever in our Hearts IRENE SCARGILL 28th September 2004 aged 77 years.
H 320 SELMIN H/S +Surr. In Cara Memoria Di SOFIA SELMIN. Nata 25.10.1926 Morta 7.5.2010 Tanto Amata Sorella e Zia.
H 243 SEMENIW wood cross ILM. Of AUDREY SEMENIW died 3rd July 2012 aged 83 years.
H 279 SEMENIW Plaque ILM. Of IWAN (JOHN) SEMENIW died 29th July 2010 aged 89 years. R.I.P.
H 245 SENCZYSZYN wood cross Pray for the soul of WASYL SENCZYSZYN died 22nd March 2013 aged 90 years. Rest in Peace.
H 14 SHAW H/S only Treasured Memories of a wonderful Son & Brother CHRISTOPHER DANIEL SHAW born 15th August 1984 died 12th January 2003. "May your smile shine on."
H 394 SHAW wood cross ILM. Of JAMES SHAW died 12th April 2012 aged 75 years Rest in Peace.
H 516 SHORT H/S + Surr damaged see I 516 HOLDSWORTH
H 525 SINGH H/S only Treasured Memories of DALWINDER SINGH, a dearly loved son and brother, born 16.6.1968. died 25.2.1988. Sadly missed.
H 50 SMITH H/S only ILM. Of GLADYS SMITH who passed away 8th June 1996 aged 73 years. Beloved mum grandma and great grandma.
H 62 SMITH H/S only ILM. of LEO SMITH, who passed away 26th June 1997, aged 54 years. Loving husband of YVONNE, a loving dad and grandad. R.I.P.
H 481 SMITH H/S + Surr. ILM. Of TREVOR SMITH A dearly loved Husband, Dad and Son 28.10.1950 - 17.11.2000 Aged 50 years. Also of STEVEN RICHARD SMITH a treasured son, brother, uncle and grandson 9.6.1977 - 5.1.2007 aged 29 years.
H 454/55 SOOTHILL H/S only Cherished Memories of MARTHA SOOTHILL a dearly loved wife and mum. Died 13th August 1998 aged 73 years. BRIAN the dearly loved husband of MARTHA died 9th September 1998 aged 62 years.
H 282 SOROKA H/S + Surr. ILM. Of WOLODYMYR SOROKA a dear dad and grandad who passed away 19th December 2012 aged87 years.
H 149 SOTOMAYOR-SUGDEN wood cross ILM. Of MATILDE ESPERANZA SOTOMAYOR-SUGDEN died 9th February 2013 aged 81 years. R.I.P.
H 510 SPEIGHT H/S + Surr. In Treasured Memory of JOOHN WILLIE, The beloved son of the late JOHN & MARY SPEIGHT, died July 29th 1940 in his 57th year. Also ANNIE ELIZABETH their beloved daughter died August 15th 1940 in her 65th year. Also CHARLES HERBERT the dearly loved husband of EMILY SPEIGHT died April 29th 1941 in his 55th year. Also EMILY wife of the above died Feb. 10th 1952, aged 64 years. Also EMILY, beloved wife of the late SYDNEY HERON, died Feb. 22nd 1965, aged 83 years. Love's greatest gift, Remembrance.
H 11 STANBRIDGE H/S only ILM. Of TERENCE BRENDAN STANBRIDGE died 23rd February 1999 aged 65 years. Good night God bless darling Your loving wife RITA. Also the above named RITA STANBRIDGE died 8th August2000 aged 47 years. R.I.P.
H 465 STEBBINGS H/S + Surr. ILM. of WILLIAM JOSEPH STEBBINGS Died 20th Oct. 2004 aged 77 years. R.I.P.
H 48 STOKES H/S + Surr. Treasured Memories of a dear husband & dad CHARLES STOKES died Sept. 6th 1952, aged 49 years. Also LILIAN, his beloved wife a dear mother and grandma died March 30th 1996, aged 94 years. Also in loving memory of RONALD STOKES their dear son and father of DIANE died July 10th 1989, aged 63 years.
H 241 STYSLO H/S + Surr MICHAEL STYSLO 24.6.1924 - 1.4.2011. inscription in Cyrillic.
H 283 SWERLYK H/S + Surr. MYKOLA SWERLYK 1923 - 20212. God has you in his arms, We have you in our hearts, Sadly missed. Brother, dad, grandad. Inscription also in Cirylic.
H 73 TALES H/S only Forever in my heart PHILIP TALES, much loved husband of SANDRA BORN 15.11. 1963, Died 14.7.1990. You're still my man.
H 382 TEMPEST-MITCHELL H/S + Surr. Cherished Memories of CARMEL MARY TEMPEST-MITCHELL a much loved wife, mother and nana died 27th March 2006 aged 62 years.
H 496 THORNTON H/S only Sacred to the Treasured Memory of HANNAH, dearly loved wife of WILKINSON THORNTON, dearest mother of ELIZABETH, passed on July 23rd 1947, aged 80 years. WILKINSON, dearly beloved husband of HANNAH and dearest father of ELIZABETH, passed on May 12th 1949, aaged 82 years. May God give Eternal Peace.
H 475 THOSEBY wood cross + surr. Treasured Memories of JOSIE THOSEBY who will always be in our hearts.
H 127 TILLEARD wood cross  
H 400 TOLLEY H/S only ILM. Of GLADYS TOLLEY 23.9.44 - 24.1.14 It broke our hearts to lose you but you did not go alone for part of us went with you the day God called you home.
H 468 TONEY wood cross NORMAN TONEY died 30th Aug 2014 aged 87 years.
H 383 TOWNSEND H/S only MARGARET TOWNSEND much loved and missed by all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren August 1929 - April 2007.
H 397 VALENTE H/S only ROSE MARIE VALENTE born 20th august 1962 died 27th February 2012 aged 49 years. Our Mother and Grandmother who wil always be remembered in our hearts as loving and kind. Forever may you rest in peace.
H 470 VALENTE H/S only ILM. Of HEIDI VALENTE born 28.6.1980 died 16.10.2009 Much loved mother daughter & sister. Forever in our Hearts.
H 235/6 VASILYUK H/S only PETRO VASILYUK 10.4.1921 - 24.8.2010 KATERINA VASILYUK inscription in Ciryllic
H 47 WALKER H/S + Surr. Treasured memories of MARY ELIZABETH, dearly loved wife of WALTER WALKER, who died Dec. 8th 1953, aged 73 years. Also WALTER, dearly loved husband of MARY ELIZABETH WALKER, who die Nov. 25th 1956, aged 77 years. Also NORMAN, dearly loved husband of HILDA DAWSON, who died July 6th 1963, aged 59 years. Loving Memories.
H 281 WALKER wood cross Treasured Memories of CHRISTINE & TONY WALKER who will always be in our hearts.
H 532 WALLS H/S only Forever in our Thoughts. Treasured Memoriesof LYNDON ANDREW WALLS a dearly loved son and brotherborn Sept. 1st 1973 died July 31st 1993 aged 19 years.
H 464 WARD wood cross + surr. In loving Memory of CLARA MAUD WARD died 21st Sept 2004 aged 86 years.
H 440 WEBSTER Wood cross ERNEST WEBSTER died 15th February 2006 aged 90 years.
H 104 WEEKS Wood cross EDITH MARY WEEKS died 2nd Nov1997 aged 73 years. At Rest.
H 421 WHITAKER H/S only ILM. Of BARBARA WHITAKER Loving Wife, Mum & Gran. Died 24.4.2001 aged 58. R.I.P.
H 520 WHITE Column + Surr. see H 520 ROSTRON
H 436 WILBY H/S + Surr. ILM. Of DONALD PAUL WILBY (Docker) Died 22nd March 2005 aged 52 years. A much loved husbnd, Dad, Grandad, Son and Brother.
H 122 WILKINSON H/S only Cherished memories of a loving wife, mum and grandma WINIFRED WILKINSON Died 31st October 1935 - 2009 Always in our thoughts.
H 431 WILKINSON Wood cross + surr. JACK WILKINSON died 1st July 2004 aged 65 years.
H 33 WILMAN H/S + SURR. WILMAN GEOFFREY 30.6.1931 15.3.2003 Dad, Grandad. Always remembered. MAUREEN 17.11.1934 6.3.2005 Mum, Nan Together again.
H 247 WINTER wood cross Pray for the soul of JOSEPH JOHN WINTERdied 6th April 2014 aged 80 years. Rest in Peace.
H 528 WINTERBURN H/S only Treasured Memories of a dearly loved husbnad THOMAS WALKER WINTERBURN born April 10th 1911 died Jan. 31st 1991. Also EDITH loving wife of the above born July 17th 1912 died Dec. 29th 2001.
H 391 WOOD H/S + Surr. Always in our hearts. REBECCA LOUISE WOOD BOO. Beloved daughter, Precious sister, Keep ancing Our Angel. 27.5.95 - 1.8.09. Gone but never forgotten. XX
H 536 WOOD H/S only Treasured Memories of DAVID JOHN WOOD , a dearly loved husband, dad and brother died Sept. 28th 1994, aged 47 years.
H 322 ? WOWK wood cross I.L.M. Of MICHAEL WOWK died 23rd March 2013 aged 88 years. R.I.P.
H 16 WRAGG H/S only ILM. Of KEN FOSSITT WRAGG born 7th March 1928 died 6th Feb. 2001 Beloved husband, father and grandad. R.I.P. Forever in our hearts.
H 396 YAVORNIY H/S only VACIL YAVORNIY born 9.4.1927. Inscription in Cyrilic.



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