North Bierley Municipal Cemetery, section G


North Bierley Cemetery, section G


Abbreviations used
H.S. Headstone
I.L.M. In Loving Memory
I.M. In Memory
T.M Treasured Memory
T.Ms Treasured memories
T.T.M. To the Memory
Stone Surname Type Inscription
675 BALMFORTH H/S + Surr see G 675 WALKLEY
664 BARRACLOUGH H/S + Surr ILM. Of WALTER HENRY BARRACLOUGH, of Wibsey, who died 11th March 1950, aged 75 years. For 32 years a member of the Bradford City Council and Lord Mayor 1943 - 1944. Also of his beloved wife MARY who died 23rd May 1961, aged 86 years. IM.of MAGDELENE, dearly beloved wife of STANLEY BARRACLOUGH, who died 9th March 1942, aged 34 years. STANLEY EDMUND BARRACLOUGH, died 25th May 1989, aged 85 years. ILM. of CHRISTOPHER EDMUND BARRACLOUGH, died 1st Jan. 1991, aged 44 years. "MAGDELENE BARRACLOUGH" NELLIE BARRACLOUGH second wife of STANLEY 1. 12. 1900. 13. 10. 1980.
671 BASTOW H/S + Surr ILM. of my dear husband JOSEPH BASTOW, died Oct. 18th 1955, aged 77 years. Also ALICE beloved wife of ARTHUR SAVILLE, died Oct. 13th 1943, aged 71 years. Also the above named ARTHUR SAVILLE, died April 10th 1944, aged 72 years. Also EDWIN NORTH, died Dec. 28th 1966, aged 79 years. Also HANNAH his dear wife, died Feb. 17th 1970, aged 82 years.
683 BASTOW H/S + Surr In Remembrance of CLARA BASTOW, died March 26th 1940, aged 68 years. Also SAMUEL, beloved husband of the above died August 5th 1945, aged 75 years. Also EMMA WILKINSON, dear sister of the above CLARA BASTOW, died March 29th 1957, aged 87 years.
686-688 BATEMAN Column + surr. To the dear memory of SARAH, beloved wife of DANIEL BATEMAN, of Reevy Villa, Wibsey, died April 13th 1928, in her 74th year. Also of the above DANIEL BATEMAN, died Jan. 2nd. 1937, aged 82 years. Also of ALBERT, beloved and younger son of the above died May 17th 1949, aged 66 years. Also of HANNAH, beloved wife of WALTER WILKINSON, and daughter of the above, died 28th March 1947, aged 66 years. "At Rest". Also EDWARD BOWLING, dearly loved husband of MABEL, diedOct. 17th 1974. Also MABEL BOWLING, dearly loved wife of EDWARD, died Dec. 17th 1979. Also of the aforenamed WALTER WILKINSON, died May 16th 1956, aged 77 years.
677 BINNS Obelisk + surr. To the dear memory of ALBERT BINNS, born 2nd December 1872. Died 12th May 1944. Also JANE, wife of the above born 3rd November 1872, died 29th October 1958. "Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him." 1. Thess. iv. 14. Also LAURA LOUISA BINNS, their youngest daughter. Born 11th July 1903. Died 10th December 1981. Also ALICE ANNIE BINNS, their eldest daughter, born 29th September 1901. Died 8th October 1975.
676 BOLTON H/S + Surr see G 676 READ
686-688 BOWLING Column + surr. see G 686-688 BATEMAN
678 BROOK Cross + surr Treasured Memories of ALICE, dearly loved wife of THORNTON BROOK, who passed away Dec. 4th 1948 aged 80 years. "To Memory ever dear." Also of the above-named THORNTON BROOK, died Feb. 25th 1954, aged 80 years.
680 BURGESS H/S + Surr In Loving Remembrance of a dear husband SAMUEL NEWTON BURGESS, who died January 7th 1941, aged 58 years. "At Rest". Also of CHARLOTTE, dearly loved wife of the above, died January 15th 1954 aged 73 years.
685 CLAPHAM H/S + Surr see G 685 SCRUTON
681 COLLINS Cross + surr ILM. Of ELLEN COLLINS, died Sept. 4th 1940, also FIRTH COLLINS, husband of the above, died Oct. 28th 1940. Also CHILION, their son, who died in infancy.
670 GOLDTHORPE H/S + Surr ILM. of ALICE ANN beloved wife of W. GOLDTHORPE died June 12th 1943 aged 63 years. Also JOSEPH WILLIAM FREDERICK ALLEN, dearly loved husband of the above who died April 16th 1957 in his 73rd year.
682 (JEAKINS) * Cross + surr (damaged) ILR of THOMAS WILLIAM beloved husband of AGNES JEAKINS died May 3 1940 aged 63 years. Also AGNES, beloved wife of the above died July 4th 1962, aged 84 years. "In Affectionate Remembrance". Also of JAMES H SUCLIFFE dear husband of ETHEL died June 14 1968 aged 73 years. Also ETHEL beloved wife of the above died June 14 1985 aged 84 years.
669 HOYLE H/S + Surr In cherished memory of JULIETTA, beloved wife of JOHN HOYLE, died May 22nd 1943. Also of JOHN HOYLE, beloved husband of the above, died July 18th 1943.
673 METCALFE Stones + plaques see G 675 NAYLOR
673 NAYLOR Stones + plaques In Gratitude for the lives of JAMES ERNEST NAYLOR 26th Dec. 1943. And his wife LILY19TH July 1948 from their children. "Love over all" EDITH METCALFE January 22 1900 - March 20 2001 daughter of JAMES ERNEST and LILY NAYLOR mother of CHRISTOPHER C. METCALFE. In sweet and ever loving memory of CHRISTOPHER C. METCALFE 11th Nov. 1957aged 22 years.
671 NORTH H/S + Surr see G 671 BASTOW
668 ORMONDROYD H/S + Surr To the dear memory of BERTHA, beloved wife of JAMES ORMONDROYD, who died June 13th 1948, aged 70 years. Also the above JAMES ORMONDROYD, who died June 25th 1950, aged 73 years. Also ALICE EMMA ORMONDROYD, who died May 12th 1972, aged 74 years. Also SETH ORMONDROYD, beloved husband of ALICE who died Oct. 20th 1983, aged 85 years. "At Rest".
667 PRIESTLEY H/S + Surr see G 997, RUSHFIRTH
676 READ H/S + Surr ILM. of JAMES F. READ, died 11th May 1944, aged 39 years. Also Sister in Law of the above ALICE BOLTON, died 5th July1989, aged 89 years. LILIAN READ, wife of JAMES, died 15th March 1995, aged 85 years.
665 RICHARDSON H/S + Surr Treasured Memories of a dearly loved wife and mother ELLEN RICHARDSON, born Dec.11th 1869, died Sept. 22nd 1941. Also GEORGE BENJAMIN, devoted husband of the above, & a dearly loved father, born Nov. 1st 1867, died July 1st 1944. "Reunited". Also FLORENCE a dearly loved wife, sister and auntie, born Aug. 5th 1877, died Dec. 17th 1961.
667 RUSHFIRTH H/S + Surr ILM. Of HERBERT RUSHFIRTH, who died October 13th 1947, aged 66 years. Also ELLEN RUSHFIRTH, wife of the above, died September 1st 1960, aged 84. Also FRED PRIESTLEY, died December 19th 1959, aged 87. And his wife EDNA, died February 1st 1963, aged 90.
671 SAVILLE H/S + Surr see G 671 BASTOW
685 SCRUTON H/S + Surr Treasured Memories of JOHN, beloved husband of HANNAH L. SCRUTON, who died June 28th 1938, aged 59 years. And of HANNAH LOUISA, his wife who died June 16th 1953, aged 73 years. Also of ALICE, beloved wife of JOHN H. CLAPHAM, died 28th February 1948, aged 73 years.
679 SMALES H/S + Surr see G 679 WRIGHT.
684 SMITH H/S + Surr IR. Of CHARLIE, dearly loved husband of ANNIE SMITH, who died June 15th 1939, aged 75 years. "His Life, a Treasured Memory." Also ANNIE, beloved wife of the above, died Oct. 18th 1953 aged 79 years. And GILBERT, son of the above, died Jan. 20th 1986, aged 85 years. Also MARY, his wife died July 13th 1989, aged 88 years. "All deeply loved."
675 WALKLEY H/S + Surr In Remembrance of EMMA WALKLEY, who died March 24th 1944, aged 76 years. Also of ALFRED, dearly loved husband of the above died Feb. 27th 1953, aged 87 years. Also their daughter HILDA, beloved wife of FRED BALMFORTH, died July 17th 1980, aged 87 years. Also FRED BALMFORTH, died July 28th 1981, aged 88 years. "Mother"
683 WILKINSON H/S + Surr see G 683 BASTOW
686-688 WILKINSON Column + surr. see G 686-688 BATEMAN
679 WRIGHT H/S + Surr To the Dear Memory of BOSWELL WRIGHT, the beloved husband of CLARA SMALES who died October 23rd 1941. Also the above CLARA who died May 2nd 1949. "Her memory is as dear today, as in the hour she passed away." "Resting"



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