North Bierley Municipal Cemetery, section E


North Bierley Cemetery, section E


Abbreviations used
H.S. Headstone
I.L.M. In Loving Memory
I.M. In Memory
T.M Treasured Memory
T.Ms Treasured memories
T.T.M. To the Memory
Stone Surname Type Inscription
E 928 BATEMAN H/S + Surr Treasured memories of a dear husband and father, JOE BATEMAN, who passed away August 25th 1951, aged 77 years. "Too dearly loved to be forgotten." Also of GRACE, dearly loved wife of the above who passed away July 20th 1955, aged 81 years. Also of LEWIS MITCHELL, who passed away May 12th 1967, aged 66 years. A very dear friend. "Reunited". Also EMILY MILNER died April 7th 1978.
E 942 BATES HS + Surr see E 942 TEMPEST
E 927 BINNS H/S + Surr I R of ZILLAH, dearly loved wife of JOHN H. BINNS, died July 11th 1951, aged 73 years. Also of JOHN HENRY BINNS, beloved husband of the above, died january 21st 1971, aged 91 years. And of WINIFRED HAIGH, THEIR DEARLY LOVED DAUGHTER, DIED December 13th 1998, aged 94 years. "Mourned by her son and his family. Reunited in the Love of God."
E 934 BIRKBY HS + Surr See E 934 MITCHELL
E 941 BREAKES HS + Surr I.L.M of WILLIAM HARDY BREAKES, dearlyloved husband of CISSIE BREAKES, died 24th February 1963 aged 65 years. And his beloved wife CISSIE, died 25th November 1993, aged 91 years. ALBERT KELLETT, dearly loved husband of EDNA KELLETT, died 6th August 1946 aged 71 years. EDNA KELLETT, beloved wife of the above ALBERT, died 26th November 1967, aged 92 years.
E 913+1/2 914 BROWN Square column + surr In Loving Remembrance of a dear husband and father ALBERT MILNES BROWN, died October 6th 1946 aged 56 years. Also SARAH dearly loved wife of the above died June 19th 1975. A loving mother and grannie and their son EDMUND HARRY who died in infancy. I L M of EDMUND WILKINSON DIED May 22nd 1919, aged 49 years. "Though Death divides, sweet memories live". Also LUCY ISABELLA, dearly loved wife of the above died Jan 11th 1951, in her 81st year. A devoted mother and grannie. To the dear memory of JOHN A WILKINSON beloved and loving husband of LILY and a devoted dad and grandad. Died october 17th 1965 aged 71 years. "WILKINSON" Also LILY, the beloved wife of JOHN died Feb 7th 1986, aged 91 years. With deep affection for loving parents and grandparents RAY PRIESTLEY, died Jan 17th 1982, aged 61 years. Beloved husband of MARGARET, died Oct 1st 1992, aged 71 years. "There is a comfort in the strength of love. It will make a thing endurable which else would overset the brain or break the heart." CAROLINE PRIESTLEY, beloved daughter and sister, died Nov. 17th 2009 aged 49 years. SIMON, most precious son of PAT nd IAN PRIESTLEY died tragically Aug 18th 1971 aged 2 years. "In small proportions we just beauties see and in short measures life may perfect be."
E 917 COOPER HS + Surr Sacred to the memory of FRANK COOPER, who died Feb 19th 1927, aged 12 years. Also ARTHUR, dearly loved husband of EVELYN A. ELLIS, died July 29th 1929, aged 28 years. Also PRISCILLA, dearly loved wife of FRANK JACKMAN who died Sep. 9th 1950, aged 81 years. Also of FRANK JACKMAN, who died Jan 18th 1954, aged 85 years. "Reunited." "Loved".
E 937 COWLES Surround only ILM. Of a dear husband and father WILLIE COWLES died March 26th 1948 aged 61 years. Also EDITH his wife a beloved mother and grandma, died June 24th 1958 aged 72 years.
E 952 COWLING Celtic Cross + Surr ILM. Of ALBERT COWLING 1858 --- 1907. Also EDNA, beloved wife of the above. 1858 --- 1914. Also EDRIC A. COWLING, elder son of the aforenamed, 1885---1957. Also CHRISTINE his wife 1883 ---1961.
E 948 CROWTHER HS + Surr ILM of FRED, dearly loved husband of MAY CROWTHER, died April 3rd 1960, aged 63 years. Also the above-named MAY CROWTHER, died September 10th 1977, aged 84 years. "REUNITED". Also WILLIAM INAH POTTER died 1927 and his wife NANCY died 1949.
E 926 DOBSON H/S see E 926 MOUNSEY
E 929 DOWNES H/S + Surr see E 929 WORSNOP
E 931 DRIVER H/S + Surr Treasured memories of a dear husband and father BRONT´┐Ż DRIVER, died May 20th 1952, aged 63 years. Also ADA beloved wife of above and a dear mother, died Aug 3rd 1982 aged 90 years.
E 917 ELLIS HS + Surr see E 917 COOPER
E 936 GREENWOOD HS + Surr ILM of SUSIE, the dear wife of GEORGE EDWARD GREENWOOD who died June 5th 1948, aged 37 years. Also of GEORGE FREDERICK GREENWOOD who died Nov 27th 1951 aged 72 years. Also his dearly loved wife ALICE GREENWOOD, who died June 20th 1952 aged 72 years. Also JEFFREY VICKERSTAFF GREENWOOD who died Aug 1st 1978 aged 73 years. Also GEORGE EDWARD GREENWOOD, beloved husband of the above named SUSIE, who died Jan 24th 1982, aged 76 years.
E 927 HAIGH H/S + Surr see E 927 BINNS
E 1/2 914 + 915 HALLAS Cross + Surr ILM of EDWARD HALLAS. Prospect House, Buttershaw, who died March 8th 1920 aged 73 years. Also of HANNAH, beloved wife of the above, who died October 25th 1921, aged 72 years. "Till Death us join." Also ETHEL, wife of E. IRVINE HALLAS who died December 8th 1953 aged 67 years. Also EDWARD IRVINE HALLAS, beloved husband of the above, who died Dec 10th 1964, aged 77 years.
E 935 HARRISON HS + Surr To the dear memory of a beloved wife and mother MARGARET HARRISON who died Dec 31st 1948, aged 64 years. Also ALBERT, her beloved husband and a dearly loved father who died Mar 2nd 1962, aged 77 years. Also HERBERT BATTY HARRISON, their loving son and a dear husband & father who died Feb 27th 1986, aged 74 years. Also HILDA MAY HARRISON, beloved wife of HERBERT, died 4th March 1990 aged 76 years. Also MILDRED HARRISON died 8th Sept 2004 aged 84 years.
E 939 HARRISON HS + Surr I.L.M. Of TOM HARRISON. Died Dec.28th 1947, aged 74 years. Also ALICE, beloved wife of the above, died Nov 2nd 1953, aged 79 years.
E 925 HOLMES H/S + Surr (damaged) ILM. Of SARAH JANE, dearly loved wife of FRED HOLMES died March 25th 1951. Also the above FRED HOLMES died May 12th 1952 Also of GLADYS dearly loved wife of EDWARD B. SCOWCROFT died April 7th 1954. Also HARRY beloved son of FRED and SARAH J HOLMES dear brother of LILY & GLADYS died Aug 17th 1973.
E 944 HOLMES HS + Surr ILM of MITCHELL HOLMES, who died August 8th 1935, aged 74 years. Also of EMILY ANN, wife of the above, who died Dec 31st 1936, aged 75 years.
E 920 HOPKINSON HS + Surr In everlasting gratitued to a much beloved and loving mother and father EMMA and RICHARD HOPKINSON, from a beloved daughter CLARA Now Reunited. "On Earth happiness with God eternal peace."
E 917 JACKMAN HS + Surr see E 917 COOPER
E 941 KELLETT HS + Surr see E 941 BREAKES
E 930 LIGHTOWLER H/S + Surr ILM of MARTHA, dearly loved wife of FRED LIGHTOWLER died April 27th 1952, aged 77 years. Also the above named FRED LIGHTOWLER, died Feb 4th 1953 aged 75 years. And their beloved son HERMAN LIGHTOWLER born 19th June 1912, died 1st January 1996. CHRISTOPHER LIGHTOWLERS beloved husband of CAROLINE, devoted father of DANIELLE and ELEANOR. 4.1.53 - 9.7.02.
E 951 LIGHTOWLER Cross + Surr ILM of ARTHUR EDWIN LIGHTOWLER of Glyn Garth, Buttershaw, died Dec 9th 1919, aged 51 years. Also of his beloved wife SARAH, died Nov. 24th 1943, aged 71 years. "Into Thy Hands". And of their daughter MARY RICHARDSON, born 6th May 1902, died 15th Feb 1975. "May they rest in peace".
E !/2 915 + 916 LINGARD HS + Surr Loving Memories of RALPH LINGARD, died Dec. 21st 1955, aged 73 years. Also EDITH, beloved wife of the above died Dec 24th 1960, aged 71 years. "Reunited." Also HAROLD BRIGGS LINGARD, the dearly loved husband of VERA and loving father of PETER, died Feb. 18th 1965, aged 51 years. Also VERA, dear mother of PETER, died Nov 6th 1978, aged 60 years.
E 932 LONGBOTTOM HS + Surr ILM of MARTHA, dearly loved wife of THOMAS EDWARD LONGBOTTOM, who died Sep. 11th 1952, aged 67 years. Also THOMAS EDWARD LONGBOTTOM beloved husband of the above who died Aug 2nd 1962, aged 81 years. Also HAROLD YOUNG, beloved husband of SARAH. A much loved father and grandad who died Nov 17th 1996, aged 96 years. "Loves last gift Remembrance." Also SARAH PHYLIS YOUNG, much loved wife, mother and grandma who died March 28th 2011 aged 99 years.
E 919 MARSHALL HS + Surr I L M of HILDA, wife of WILLIE MARSHALL of West house, Low Moor, died January 16th 1956. Also HELEN MARGARET, dear daughter, died December 12th 1938 aged 13 months, and HANNAH WALTON dear mother of HILDA, died April 23rd 1937 aged 80 years.
E 928 MILNER H/S + Surr see E 928 BATEMAN
E 928 MITCHELL H/S + Surr see E 928 BATEMAN
E 934 MITCHELL HS + Surr A Token of Love and in memory of a dear husband and father JAMES WESLEY MITCHELL, died March 7th 1949, aged 54 years. Also of his dear wife ELIZABETH ELLEN died February 18th 1967 aged 74 years. And of MAUD BIRKBY sister of the above died July 14th 1957 aged 63 years.
E 923 MORRELL H/S + Surr I L M of a dear husband and father WILFRID MORRELL, who passed away June 27th 1950 aged 56 years and his dear wife ALICE who passed away March 11th 1964, aged 64 years. "A token of esteem from his employees". "The Lord is my Shepherd."
E 926 MOUNSEY H/S I L M of WILFRED MOUNSEY, died 1951. MARY MOUNSEY died 2004. FRED DOBSON, died 1952. JESSIE DOBSON, died 1990. In Loving Memory of JOAN DELAHUNTY nee MOUNSEY 1.3.1939 17-5-2011.
E 940 MURGATROYD Tomb To the memory of LUCY ANN (LOUIE) dear wife and sixty years companion of FRANK MURGATROYD , H.I.Mech E. Buttershaw, died June 6th 1947 aged 83 years. FRANK MURGATROYD, died April 3rd 1951, aged 84 years. Also CALVIN their infant son aged 14 months.
E 943 NEWMAN HS + Surr see E943 WARRINGTON
E 921 O'HARA H/S Treasured memories of WILLIAM O'HARA Called to rest February 6th 1950 aged 50 years. Also his granddaughter JULIE MARIE O'HARA fell asleep June4th 1966 aged 4 years and EDITH O'HARA, beloved wife, mum and grandma. Re-United on August 8th 2007 aged 94 years. " Safe in the arms of Jesus."
E 938 PARKINSON Surround toppled PARKINSON
E 924 PEARSON H/S + Surr I L M of EDWARD A. PEARSON, dearly loved husband of ANNIE PEARSON, died August 7th 1950, aged 77 years. Also ANNIE, beloved wife of the above, who died Dec 14th 1958, aged 85 years. Also SARAH EMMA TOWN, who died Feb 25th 1955, aged 84 years.
E 945 POLLARD HS + Surr see E 945 SYKES
E 948 POTTER HS + Surr see E 948 CROWTHER
E 913+1/2 914 PRIESTLEY   see E913 +1/2 914 BROWN
E 951 RICHARDSON Cross + Surr see E 951 LIGHTOWLER
E 918 STOBART HS + Surr In Remembrance of a dear husband and father HERBERT STOBART, of New Road Side, Wyke, died 15th Nov 1936, aged 55 years. Also his dear wife EVA STOBART, died 4th Feb 1968 aged 76 years. "STOBART"
E 945 SYKES HS + Surr To the dear memory of RHODA, beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY SYKES, passed away Aug 3rd 1935, aged 83 years. Also of the above WILLIAM HENRY SYKES died Oct. 2nd 1942 aged 92 years. At Rest. Also of ANNIE ELIZABETH, daughter of the above died March 14th 1949 aged 71 years. Also of WINIFRED MARY, dearly beloved wife of ROBERT EDWARD POLLARD died June 24th 1970 aged 86 years. Also ROBERT EDWARD, dearly loved husband of WINIFRED MARY POLLARD, died Jan 25th 1952 aged 71 years.
E 942 TEMPEST HS + Surr I. L. M. of FRED, beloved husband of RUTH ELLEN TEMPEST, died July 23rd 1942, aged 69 years. Also RUTH ELLEN, beloved wife of the above died May 28st 1962, aged 88 years. Also EMMA L. TEMPEST, died April 22nd 1950 aged 78 years. Also THOMAS, dearly loved husband of DORIS BATES, died July 29th 1966, aged 66 years. Also DORIS, dearly loved wife of the above, died July 29th 1986, aged 87 years. "Thy Will be Done".
E 947 THORNTON HS + Surr ILM. Of RICHARD THORNTON, called to higher service Dec. 5th 1932, aged 80 years. Also of HENRIETTA his dearly loved wife called home Jan. 21st 1935 aged 82 years. Also daughter ANNIE born Dec 29th 1882, died Dec. 13th 1964. "Safe in God's keeping till we meet again."
E 924 TOWN H/S + Surr see E 924 PEARSON
E 919 WALTON HS + Surr see E 919, MARSHALL
E 943 WARRINGTON HS + Surr ILM of ALICE dearly beloved wife of JOHN JAMES WARRINGTON, who passed away March 10th 1936, aged 67 years. Also the above JOHN JAMES, who passed away Nov. 14th 1950, aged 81 years. Also GILBERT NEWMAN, dearly loved husband of FLORENCE H. WARRINGTON, who passed away November 20th 1964, aged 71 years. And of his beloved wife FLORENCE HARRIET, who passed away April 22nd 1975 aged 82 years.
E 922 WILKINSON H/S + Surr Treasured memories of RUTH MAY, beloved wife of ARNOLD WILKINSON who died March 3rd 1950 aged 57 years. Also of the above ARNOLD WILKINSON who died Jan 24th 1951 aged 59 years. "Reunited".
E 933 WILKINSON HS + Surr ILM of JOHN WOMERSLEY WILKINSON, husband of EDNA WILKINSON, died April 25th 1950, aged 65 years.
E 913+1/2 914 WILKINSON   see E913 +1/2 914 BROWN
E 949 WOOD Cross + Surr ILM of JAMES WOOD of OAKLEIGH, Buttershaw, born September 13th 1855, died February 22nd 1926. Also his beloved wife MARY H.M. WOOD, died April 14th 1947, aged 87 years.
E 929 WORSNOP H/S + Surr Treasured memories of WALTER, the everloving husband of ANNIE WORSNOP, who died Feb 7th 1952, aged 72 years. Also the above ANNIE the dearly loved wife of the above WALTER WORSNOP, who died June 2nd 1964, aged 84 years. Also of EDITH, beloved wife of FRED DOWNES and sister-in-law of the above who died May 11th 1956 aged 72 years. Also the above FRED DOWNES who died May 26th 1972, aged 88 years. "Till we meet again".
E 932 YOUNG HS + Surr See E932 LONGBOTTOM.



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