Hartley Thwaite was a past President of the Yorkshire Parish Registers Section of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. He made a transcript of the Wibsey Registers in the 1970s, but it was never published.  There is a copy in Bradford Central Library, Local Studies Section. 


In his notes he says that where no registers existed for Wibsey (the period 1723 to 1744) then he copied the entries from the transcripts at St Anthony's Hall, York. We call these the Bishop's Transcripts. We have not checked the entries back to them, but when possible we have compared them to the entries in the registers of Bradford St Peter. Here a mistake was made in the original entries and some 1743 entries were also entered in 1744. See below*


He also had access to an exercise book with a transcript covering the period 1744 to 1781, said to have been made by John Scott, schoolmaster at Low Moor from 1838 to 1882. Some entries which had deteriorated in the Registers could be confirmed from the exercise book.


*To complicate matters, for most the period 1737 to 1780 Wibsey entries are also entered in Bradford Parish Church Records marked “Entries for Wibsey Chapel” These entries are usually in a clearer hand and in much better condition than the Wibsey Chapel Register where the pages often have bits missing from round the edges.


So we re-iterate that for the period up until 1780 our records are not strictly a transcript, but an amalgamation of these three sources in an attempt to recover the entries.